How could someone be so cruel?
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Hi All, Sawyer here again.  It is now day 31, and .I am still in ICU. But, I am getting better!   The vets originally referred to me as a "train wreck" due to all my injuries.  Now they call me a "miracle."

My most urgent medical problem was the calcified mass in my colon, preventing me from eating and pottying normally.  Colon surgery is very risky due to high chance of infection, so first the vets tried other less evasive ways to dissolve the mass.  Unfortunately, nothing worked, so on April 28th, I had surgery.  The surgery went well, and I made it thru the anesthesia.  The surgeon actually removed 3 rock-like masses from my colon, each about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.   So far my body has been able to fight off an infection.  I am still not out of the woods, but am moving in the right direction.  

I have gained 2 pounds and my skin and coat are looking much better.   I still have the bullet in my abdomen, but it is not causing me any issues, so it will stay there.   My fractured right hip needs surgery for sure, and possibly my pelvis and other hip, depending on how they heal.  
The police are still investigating my case, but have not found the horrible person that did these cruel things to me.   My story was on the news.  We are hoping that might help.
If I continue on this path to recovery, the vets in the ICU said I can go to a foster home in a few days!!  Due to my condition, I need to eat and to potty frequently, so someone that is retired or works from home or has a flexible schedule would be a perfect foster parent for me.  I like to take short walks and I dearly love belly rubs.  I need to gain some weight so that I am strong enough for the surgery on my hip (and maybe my pelvis).  Please email if you are interested in helping me move forward to my next step on the road to a new life!

For the first time in my life, I feel loved!   I am deeply moved and grateful to all the people who are saying prayers, sending positive thoughts, and helping with my medical bills.   REDCOLLAR RESCUE is committed to seeing me thru this horrific ordeal, but I know my HUGE vet bills are a real hardship, and they have lots of other furry kids to care for as well.  
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With Love and Gratitude,
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