LONGSHOT is in critical care, his life hanging by a thread! We desperately need your help to give him a fighting chance!
Longshot was most likely hit and dragged by a car.  Someone wrapped his bloody, injured body in tape, and dumped him in front of a boarding kennel. Red Collar Rescue received a frantic call for help!  We picked him up, and after seeing the severity of his injuries, headed straight to the ER at Texas A&M small animal hospital.
Longshot was sedated and his homemade bandages removed.  No one was prepared for what lay beneath!  His head is literally "scalped" down to his skull.  His front 2 legs have large areas of skin and tissue ripped from the bone, and the remaining areas are gangrened requiring debridement from shoulder to foot.   Even worse, the tendons on both of his front wrists are severed, making it impossible for him to stand or walk. 
Longshot was placed immediately on IV pain meds and antibiotics.  While he was sedated, his wounds were cleaned, debrided, treated and bandaged, and splints were placed on his front legs.  By the amount of necrotic flesh, it is estimated the trauma occurred about a week ago. We met with his vet team for an extended period of time, and discussed all options. Despite his condition, the look in his eyes tells us he is not ready to give up!  He literally melts your heart!  We want to give him a chance, but we need your help!
Longshot will require hospitalization and daily wound care and bandage changes for several weeks, plus skin grafts, followed by orthopedic surgery for his severed tendons.  This will be an expensive endeavor, but he is worth it!  The definition of "long shot" - a venture involving great risk, but promising a great reward if successful!
Longshot is only 1 year old and 15 lbs!
Please help him recover and reap his reward of a new long life! 

 With Heartfelt Thanks 
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