Pete is getting a little better each day.
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When we first shared Pete's story a week ago, thousands of you joined in a collective gasp at the condition of this poor pup.  To think that he had an owner who had allowed him to get to this point (and even caused more pain) both outraged us, and broke our hearts.

Many have been asking about Pete's progress.   
This was Pete when he first arrived at the shelter.
Pete came to us with a life-threatening skin infection, along with demodectic mange, open wounds all over his body and feet, anemia, intestinal parasites, eye infection and ear infection.  He has received blood transfusions and remains on several antibiotics and pain meds. 

His veterinary team has been working around the clock to get him stabilized and on the road to healing.  They have spent over 20 hours gently debriding the old crusted dead skin.  This alone has him feeling much better.  He continues to get daily medical baths and surgical scrubs.

Pete is eating and drinking on his own.  His bloodwork is improving bit by bit, and he is moving in the right direction. 

Through all of this, he remains a good patient.  He even freely gives out kisses, and seems to know his caregivers are there to help him.  We are pleased with Pete's progress to date and are cautiously optimistic for his future. Keep those good thoughts coming!  

We understand that HPD is investigating Pete's situation as a cruelty case, but we have no further information on criminal proceedings at this time.    Like you, we hope the owners are prosecuted.  

Here is his story as covered by Channel 2 news in Houston:

REDCOLLAR RESCUE has joined forces with Sav-a-Pet to help this sweet boy.  Funds donated for Pete are going to the clinic for his care. 
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