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Another year has quickly flown by, and we stand back to look at what we have accomplished together in 2021. As volunteers, fosters, adopters, financial supporters, and social media advocates, the REDCOLLAR RESCUE family has come together to give many more injured, abused and abandoned animals the gift of life and love. Despite the challenges of 2021, it was a successful year, thanks to all of YOU! See some of our Special 2021 Rescue Tails below!  
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A special THANK YOU from some of our 2021 Rescue Tails
HOWDY was hit by a car and suffered a broken right front leg, pleural effusion, pulmonary contusions, cracked ribs, deep necrotic wounds, anemia, and dangerously low blood platelets. After a week in intensive care, Howdy was finally stable enough to undergo anesthesia and have orthopedic surgery to repair his broken leg with a metal plate, pins, and screws. Howdy is only 12 lbs and 1 year old, and will be ready for adoption soon!
WRIGLEY was at the shelter with a severely broken and dislocated elbow, and the joint had deteriorated beyond repair. We took her to Texas A&M small animal hospital where she had a complicated surgical procedure called "arthrodesis" in which metal implants were used to fuse the bones of her fractured elbow together. She was spoiled the entire time by her foster (now forever) mom who was one of her vet techs at A&M!
ELMO suffered from multiple pelvic fractures and sacroiliac dislocations, and was in excruciating pain. After a 3-hour challenging surgery, complications arose and he had to be rushed back to the ER for a second and very risky orthopedic surgery. Though successful, he developed a life-threatening bone infection, and was in 24-hour critical care for several more weeks!  He can finally walk without pain, and is ready for his forever home! 
SCOUT survived 2 near-death experiences! He had been hit by a car and could not stand. He had soft tissue injuries, and his paw pads were raw and bleeding, but luckily no broken bones. Scout then developed bloat (gastric torsion), which is fatal if not corrected immediately by abdominal surgery to “untwist” the stomach. He pulled through, and he could not be happier now that he found his forever family complete with mom, dad and fur siblings!
CHEWIE (Chewbacca) was found in horrible shape!  He had severe mats which caused skin sores, extreme discomfort, and pain, in addition to dental disease, low thyroid, elevated white count, corneal eye issues, parasites, and more! Poor guy had 10 rotten teeth extracted! He’s all healed up now, and living the life of luxury with his new mom who treats him like a star!
HOWARD was found lying in a ditch unable to move. He was hit by a car and badly injured. His leg could not be saved and required amputation. But he does not let 3 legs slow him down! Howard was adopted into a loving home and is living his Best Life ever!
WALTER was a victim of a hit-and-runBroken leg, cuts and bruises. Orthopedic surgery to repair broken femur, which was put back together with a metal plate and pins. Walter's foster mom and sister fell in love with him, and he is now a permanent member of their family! We could not be happier for him! 
KIP had the often fatal distemper virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. The virus spread to his brain and caused neurological problems. Kip was totally paralyzed and could not move a muscle. After a spinal tap, syringe feedings, physical therapy and 8 long months of rehabilitation, Kip is finally healthy and living in Pennsylvania on a beautiful horse farm with his new mom, dad and three K9 siblings!
DIANA PRINCE was found savagely attacked at a construction site, injured, bloody, and too weak to moveSurgery, 100 staples, multiple drains, gangrenous wounds, and massive amounts of decayed tissue. Only a Super Power could survive such serious injuries, and she did! This brave little girl fully recovered and found her new loving forever home!
LIESEL was brought to the shelter with a dangling and broken front leg from being dropped or kicked by someone. After orthopedic surgery, several weeks of crate rest, bandage changes, and TLC from her foster parents, Liesel was all healed up. She found her forever family, and they adore her!
TWILIGHT was found lying on her side, unable to move, and was having difficulty breathing. A neurologist confirmed she had a large hematoma and abscess on the tissue surrounding her spinal cord, most likely caused by trauma from a blunt force object. Surgery was performed, and Twilight was found to also have extremely rare "Dermoid Sinus (DS)" which contributed to her paralysis and meningitis. Twilight can now walk on her own, and is living the good life with her new parents and RCR alum sister, Liesel!
WILLOW was brought to the shelter wrapped in a blanket, unable to move from the waist down. X-rays revealed multiple pelvic and hip fractures. The orthopedic surgeon recommended immediate FHO (femoral head ostectomy aka hip surgery) and surgical repair of the sacroiliac joint.  Willow's loving foster parents fell in love, and she is now their forever child!
BOSLEY was a victim of animal cruelty.  He was shot by an unknown person leaving, him with numerous pellets in his body, and shattering the bones in his left front foot and back femur.  After two orthopedic surgeries, Bosley has fully recovered and is loving life with his new mom!
BRADY was brought into the shelter injured and unable to walk and needed medical rescue ASAP! X-rays revealed a fractured pelvis and acetabular. He is all healed up now and loving life with his new mom, dad and mini-me sibling!
ALVIN was confiscated by authorities in horrific condition from his owner's back yard. He was kept on a chain 24/7, which became embedded into his skin as he grew, and had to be surgically removed.  Alvin is less than1 year old and also has retinal degeneration caused by poor nutrition in his early months.  He has some sight in the day, but is totally blind at night. Despite it all, Alvin is an incredibly sweet and loving boy! 
STEELE was found "unresponsive" at a construction site, suffering from hypothermia after being left alone outside in the cold all night. He spent several days in critical care, but look at him now!  Steele's loving new mom says he is the best boy ever! 
MENSA was found VERY PREGNANT! She went into labor and had complications which required an emergency c-section.  Mensa lost a lot of blood and was severely anemic and needed 2 blood transfusions. Her poor body produced almost no milk! RCR team members had to tube- and bottle-feed the puppies around the clock!  They are now 4 months old and leaving the nest for their forever homes!  Only Professor and Teacher are still available!
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Thank you for believing in REDCOLLAR RESCUE and our unwavering commitment that every animal deserves a loving, safe forever home.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!
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