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Please visit our events calendar for full details of all of the events listed below

Mon 30th Nov (18.00) - Remembrance Day for Lost Species, ONCA, Brighton (free)
Fri 4th Dec (17.00-19.00) - Collaborative Futures workshop, ONCA, Brighton (FutureRoots) 

Fri 4th Dec (19.00) - Film screening & debate pesticides, Brighton (free) (BCA/PAN)

Fri 4th Dec (19.30) - RSPB Xmas special meeting , Hove (£3) (RSPB)

Sun 6th Dec (12.00-14.00) - East Brighton walk, Sheepcote-Whitehawk (free) (BHCC rangers)

Sun 6th Dec (15.30-17.00/18.30) - Bike ride & reception for the climate, Withdean ride to Brighthelm reception event (free) (BCAN)

Sun 6th Dec (16.00+) - Climate change theatre action, ONCA, Brighton 

Tue 8th Dec (10.00-12.00) - Winter Walk, Stanmer (free) (GOSH)

Wed 9th Dec (10.00) - Undercliff walk, Rottingdean (free) (RSPB) 

Thu 17th Dec (10.00-15.00) - Christmas Walk with Carols, Newtimber Church (free) (SDS)

Mon 21st - Tues 22nd Dec (10.00-12.00 / 13.30-15.30) - Christmas Wreath Walks, Saddlescombe Farm (£5) (NT)


Biosphere Here

December 2015

The Climes They Are a-Changin'

Dear <<Name>>

Following Bob Dylan's seminal "anthem of change" for 1960's society, 50 years later we face great socio-economic challenges combined with ever-growing environmental impacts driven by global climate change - the recipe for a 'perfect storm'!

This year is turning out to be the warmest year on record, following last year which is the current record-holder! So climate change is growing in intensity, and its effects are increasingly evident all about us. In our Biosphere area we are seeing, for example, plants flowering earlier and out of season - a big problem for the wildlife that depends on them - as well as more intense summer storms that cause rapid flash flooding, and winter storm surges heightened by sea level rise causing coastal erosion. 

Science confirms that human activities are largely responsible for our rapidly warming planet, making each one of us part of the problem - but also part of the solution too! We need to act quickly however, as time is fast running out if we are to avoid going above the critical level of an extra 2 degrees C - beyond which dangerous climate change is set to take hold

We have an important role to play here, since UNESCO Biosphere regions have the mission of acting as a network of worldwide 'observatories' for climate change impacts and actions to mitigate and adapt to its effects.

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, 'COP21', being held in Paris over the next two weeks brings governments together to try to broker a deal for reining in global warming. 
Do make a point of reading this month's Bio Blog (below right) by guest contributor and climate change expert Kristen Guida, to learn the latest about our changing world and how people are developing ways to respond to it, in the context of the Paris COP. 

We surely can't afford to leave the world's future solely in the hands of our leaders however! Each of us can make a small but critical difference in our daily lives - take a look at the 'WoW' section (below left) to inspire you how. 

And why not get together with others to make an even greater difference, for which there's a programme of local events coming up (see calendar list, left)  as well as the big national march in London this Sunday.

Lastly, and on a more festive note, we'd like to thank each of our 2000-strong 'Friends of the Biosphere' for your continued interest and support over the past year, and encourage you to enjoy the winter world outdoors (see 'Nature Now'during the Xmas break.

Seasons Greetings to all 'Friends of the Biosphere'!   
Rich Howorth
Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership

Window On
Our World

Cool the Climate

Top ways that we can each reduce our 'carbon footprint' include:

~ Insulate your home, avoid wasting energy, and source renewable energy 

~ Reduce, reuse and recycle the materials you consume, and buy energy-efficient products

~ Walk, cycle or use public transport more, plus car-share and drive smoothly

~ Use water efficiently, lots of energy is used to get it to you to drink

~ Eat less meat and dairy products, and compost your food waste

~ Plant a tree, especially a native species for wildlife



Bio Blog

A Fair COP?

The Conference Of the Parties ‘COP21’ meeting in Paris over the next two weeks may seem removed from our lives, and something that only our governments need concern themselves with, but the outcomes of this impact upon us all. 

The Paris COP is galvanising many different civil society groups and concerned individuals to get together to take action and raise public awareness about climate change. It's down to all of us to increase our resilience to the inevitable impacts that are coming and also reduce our own contributions if we are to avoid dangerous climate change.

There’s never been more at stake for the world, so we need a fair COP to
read full blog

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