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Fri 6th May (09.15-12.45) - Wildlife walk, near Lewes, £3 (SWT/SDNPA)

Tues 10th May (10.00-13.00) - Bird Song master class, Pulborough Brooks, £12 (RSPB) 
Wednesdays 11-25th May (10.30-12.30) - Nature Tots sessions (3), Stanmer, 3-5 yr olds, £27 (SWT)

Sat 14th May (08.00-10.00) - Dawnish Chorus, Pulborough Brooks, £12 (RSPB) 

Sat 14th May (10.00-17.00) - Plumpton College open day, Plumpton, £7.50 adults (PC)

Sun 15th May (10.30-12.30) - Big Five Butterflies walk, Mill Hill nr Shoreham, free (BC)

Weds 18th May (18.00-20.00) - Sustainable City visioning workshop, Preston Barracks FIELD, Brighton, free (register) (ARTS)  

Thurs 19th May (19.30-21.30) - Birds and Birdsong talk, Eastbourne, £3 (SWT)

Fri 20th May (20.30) - Night-time Nature walk, Hove, free (BHCC)

Sat 21st May (11.00-18.00) - Stanmer Organics open day, Stanmer, donations (SO)

Thurs 26th May - Wildflower sowing, Saunders Park, Brighton, free (book) (BHFP)
Weds 8th June (10.00) - Downland wildlife walk, Castle Hill, Woodingdean, free (RSPB) 

Fri 10th June (20.30) - Night-time Nature walk, Hove, free (BHCC)

Sun 12th June (10.00-13.00) - Orchid Safari, Wolstonbury Hill, £3 (book), NT


Biosphere Here

May 2016

Morning has broken...don't miss out!

Dear <<Name>>

Spring is now finally with us: wild flowers are blooming, lambs laze in the green fields, and our song birds - both residents and summer migrants - are in full voice.

The spring 'dawn chorus' is one of the great spectacles of nature that you really can't afford to miss - a once-a-year opportunity to experience the full intensity of the living world around!

'International Dawn Chorus Day', organised by The Wildlife Trusts on May Day every year, may have just passed but don't let this stop you "getting up with the birds" on any morning this month (as the birds don't just sing on one day!).

To get you informed and enthused about this wild phenomenon, take a look at
this month's Bio Blog (below right) by Alison Giacomelli of the RSPB, alongside her top song birds of our Biosphere in the 'WoW' section (below left).

You'll also find a number of birdy events that you can attend in our activities programme (see calendar, left), together with other natural and eco-happenings going on.

And should you need any more reason to get outdoors in this most vibrant of months, then read our monthly 
'Nature Now' diary to get up to speed with what's taking place in the wild world about us!

May the Chorus be with you!   
Rich Howorth
Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership

Window On
Our World

Song Birds

Brilliant bird songsters starring in our Biosphere area this spring include:

~ Song Thrush 
Seen in parks and gardens, repeated phrases distinguish its song from a blackbird’s

~ Wren
Tiny bird with a very powerful song, found low down in shrubs in gardens 

~ Skylark
Minstrel of the Downs, sings from high up in the sky rather than on a perch

~ Corn Bunting(above)
Found on the Downs, its song sounds like a set of jangling keys!




Bio Blog

Up with the Lark 

It’s that time of year when spring is springing and the birds are singing! 

Whilst our spring so far may have felt cold, songbirds are timing their breeding season to the warmest part of the year when there is plenty of food and daylight available.

If you go out early into your garden or park you will witness the spectacular sensation of the Dawn Chorus - a cacophany of male birds all singing their hearts out to hold a territory and attract a mate. 
An early rise is a must however to appreciate the full spectacle - set your alarm for an hour before sunrise (04.30 am!) and get outside!…
read full blog

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