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MARCH 2014
Sat-Sun 15-16th March - WhaleFest 2014
Hilton Metropole hotel, Brighton (£)

Weds 19th March (11.00)  - Hollingbury Hillfort archaeology walk
(B&H Healthwalk)

Thurs 20th March (14.30) - Landport Bottom walk
(SWT / L&OVe)

Fri 21st March (11.00) - East Brighton wild walk
(BHCC Rangers)

Sat 22nd March (14.00) - Hidden Lewes short walk
(Sussex Rail Partnership)

Sat 29th March (20.30) - Earth Hour 2014 walk @ Hove
(B&H Healthwalk)

Sun 30th March (09.15) - SDNP 3rd Anniversary long walk @ Clayton 
(South Downs Society)

APRIL 2014
Mon 7th April (10.30) - BIOSPHERE Juggs road walk @ Woodingdean
(Biosphere / B&H Healthwalk)

Tues 8th April (11.00) - Beach Explorers @ Ovingdean
(SWT) (families - booking)

Weds 9th April (10.30) - Bugs Life @ Stanmer Park
(SWT) (kids 6-11 - £)

Sat-Sun 11-12th April - Lambing open days @ Saddlescombe Farm
(NT) (£)

Weds 16th April (11.30 / 12.30) - Undersea Explorers @ Brighton swim centre
(SWT) (kids 8-11 - booking)

Sat 19th April (07.00) - Dawn Chorus bird walk @ Sheepcote Valley
(BHCC Rangers)

Mon 21st April (10.45) - Easter Egg rolling competition! @ Devil's Dyke
(NT) (£1)

Thurs 24th April (19.30) - South Downs talk @ BHASVIC
(RSPB) (£3)

Sun 27th April - Saddlescombe Farm open day
(NT) (£)

Biosphere Here

March 2014

Dear <<Name>>

"Water, water everywhere…"
The great amounts of rain and stormy weather that we have experienced over the last few months will still be fresh in many peoples' minds, following the wettest winter since records began (in 1766!): south-east England received more than double the usual amount of rainfall; parts of Shoreham were inundated by high tidal surges; and rising levels of groundwater from the chalk aquifer required pumps and pipes to protect Patcham from flooding.
And all this after a region-wide drought in 2012, following two extremely dry winters that failed to recharge our water supplies.

Wetter (and milder) winters, greater flooding, rising sea levels, and more extreme weather events, together with hotter drought-prone summers - this is our future climate forecast according to the effects of global climate change - a critical matter for us to adapt to and start to seriously address.

From global impacts down to our local Biosphere area, water is the key resource for life - a fact that the former Brighton Corporation understood when it bought surrounding areas of downland at the turn of the 20th century to protect our future water supplies. The lessons of this legacy have been partly forgotten however, hence the Biosphere Project is treating the natural groundwater reservoir that lies beneath the Downs as one of our key priorities for improvement actions in the future. 

In the next edition we hope to let you know about UNESCO's expected initial feedback on our Biosphere Bid - until then, here's to the welcome arrival of Spring!

Chris Todd (Chair)
Brighton & Hove and Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership

Window On
Our World:

A wide range of natural 'water features' occur in our Biosphere, bringing many benefits:
river floodplains of the Adur and Ouse hold winter flood water
chalk streams emerge from the Downs with purified water
~ dew ponds on the Downs store water for livestock, and are oases for wildlife
~ garden ponds offer homes to wetland creatures, and pleasure to people

Fantastic freshwater Biosphere sites to visit:
- Lewes Railway Land
(nr. Lewes train station)
Lewes Brooks 
(RSPB reserve, nr. Lewes)
Woods Mill

(SWT reserve, nr. Henfield)



- Do you know where the water that flows from your tap comes from?
- Or what happens to the water that disappears down the drain?
- Would you like to have a better idea of how clean and healthy our local water sources are?
- Do you wish to consume 'local sustainable' water, just as you might for food?

The Biosphere Project is teaming up with other organisations concerned with all things watery, including public bodies and the local water company, to develop:
- greater scientific understanding and public awareness of our water resources,
- and a joined-up approach to our natural water supply that lies beneath the Brighton chalk block. 

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