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Please visit our events calendar for full details of all of the events listed below and others too!

Sat 1st July - 10am-2pm - 'Marine & Clean' family event, West Beach, Newhaven - free (LDC & SCDA)

Sat 1st July - 1pm-6pm - Level Best Community Festival, The Level, Brighton - free

Sat 1st July - 2pm-3pm - Heritage Walk, The Level, Brighton - £8 book! (BHHC)

Thur 6th July - 7pm-10pm - 'The Worm is Turning' film screening, Brighton - donations (BHFP)

Fri 7th July - 9am-5.30pm - Community Energy South summer workshop, Linklater Pavilion, Lewes - free/donate (CES)

Fri 7th July - 11am-1pm - 'Beauties of Landport Bottom' guided walk - free (LDC)

Fri 14th July - 12pm-7pm - Moulsecoomb Forest Garden open day, Brighton - free

Sat 15th July - 10.30am-1pm and 3.45pm-5.30pm - Hairstreak Butterfly 'meet & greet', Hollingbury Park and Woods - free (BC Sussex)

Sat 15th July - 10.30am-1pm - Bollens Bush woodland walk, Newhaven - free (LDC)

Sun 16th July - 10.30am-12.30pm - Bevendean Blues butterfly walk, Brighton - free (BC Sussex)

Sun 23rd July - 11am-1.30pm - Butterflying with Matthew Oates, Newtimber Hill - £10 (NT)


Thur 3rd Aug 11am-2.30pm - Brickfield Wildlife Picnic, Seaford - free (LDC)

Sun 6th Aug 10.30am-5pm - Falmer to Southease downland walk, nr Brighton, £8 book  (Big Lemon)
Volunteers & Jobs

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership - Project Support role. Visit website to apply, deadline Wed 19 July.

Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017 - November 30th - call for contributions & participants.  More info

July 2017

Brilliant Butterflies
- find them in your backyard!

Dear <<Name>>

The glories of a southern summer are here to delight us, including a wealth of activity in the natural world around us - see our monthly Nature Now diary for the lowdown.
And what could be more iconic of summertime than the sight of diverse and colourful butterflies floating over nearby downland or flitting around our parks and gardens?

Such winged wonders are the subject of this month's Bio Blog (below right) by charismatic local 'lepidopterist' Michael Blencowe of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, who reveals the riches awaiting your discovery when you next venture out.

We encourage everyone to have a go at the 'big butterfly count' later this month (14th July - 6th August), by spending just 15 minutes noting down the butterflies you see as part of a nationwide recording effort to help conserve this well-loved and precious element of our wildlife. Your help will make a difference!

Michael is also the co-author of a seminal new book on "The Butterflies of Sussex", in which every butterfly species is described in sumptuous detail, together with the first ever published 'where to watch' guide.

You can also find out about 
some of The Living Coast's best butterfly-watching sites in the
'WoW' section (below left).
We're proud too to announce that we have a beautiful new poster showcasing all forty 'Butterflies of The Living Coast' now available - see the bottom of our Bio Blog piece for details.

Summer sees lots of outdoor activities going on of course - including a host of eco-events for you to choose from in our Calendar (summary list, left). A number of these focus on butterflies, if you'd like to expand your interest, including a session with national expert Matthew Oates on 23rd July. Or alternatively you can have fun on the foreshore at the 'Marine & Clean' rock-pooling event in Newhaven on 1st July?   

Happy hunting for our beautiful butterflies!
Rich Howorth
Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership

Window On
Our World

Butterfly HotSpots

Top places for butterfly-watching in The Living Coast include:

~ Pavilion Gardens, Brighton - grab a sandwich and sunbathe, while looking up at the elm trees for the elusive White-Letter Hairstreak

~ Whitehawk Hill, Brighton - home to as many butterfly species as you’ll find in downland, despite its urban locale
~ Bevendean Down, Brighton - a rich butterfly fauna found on the urban fringe

~ Castle Hill, Woodingdean – the flower-rich slopes of this downland valley are home to many species

~ Malling Down, Lewes - the Combe at Sussex Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve is a real hotspot for rare Silver-spotted Skippers and Adonis Blues

Bio Blog

Alive with Butterflies

Nothing sums up a Sussex summer more than watching our beautiful butterflies. We’re very lucky here, surrounded by green spaces that are fantastic butterfly habitats, from downland to parks.
You can encounter up to 40 different species of butterfly throughout the year here, and July is the peak time to head out and hunt for them!

In summer it is the chalk downlands especially that come alive. However, our gardens can also be fantastic mini nature reserves - if you’ve planted nectar-rich flowers for insects.

Help to look after our butterflies by taking part in the 
big butterfly countspend just 15 minutes noting down what you see in a suitable spot, to give vital information on how they and our environment generally are doingread full blog

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