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Lately I've been gravitating toward small online professional communities. I think an alluring part of a small group setting is the willingness to discuss news and opportunities with people who care enough to add perspectives with context that matters a lot to a few people. Nice right? It's almost as if meaningful human interaction doesn't really scale all the time like we thought it would. I think people are gravitating back to small communities and professional groups like the one featured in today's letter. 

PS- I recently made a small group for entrepreneurs in the Nashville area. You can join it here if you haven't already. 

Emily Kilduff, COO of Young&bosSHE


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Emily Kilduff wants to help people manage their career trajectory, no matter where they are professionally. Young&BosSHE, LLC. is a platform that empowers young professional women and femmes to be self-champions in their leadership through the power of shared experience. The young women who run the company met in graduate school and realized that despite different industries, they had very similar experiences in the workplace. They started a platform to encourage others to share their perspectives, mentorship, and sense of community. Meet your five minute mentor, Emily Kilduff. 
I wish there was a more affordable, accessible education system for women + femmes looking to progress in their careers. With Masters degrees costing an average of $60K, how do we ensure ALL women + femmes are able to get educated and progress as much as they'd like in their careers?
No one cares about GPA after college. It rarely matters in the real world (for better and for worse).
Affirmations! I love the affirmation cards from the woman-owned business Abundant Affirmations--they have cards for moms, kids, your average Joe, everyone!

That you shouldn't quit your day job. Turning a passion into a career isn't easy, and making your passion into your work can take the fun out of it super quickly. Keep your backup plan until you're sure this is what you want to do full-time.

Leap and the net will appear. Not everything about Young&BosSHE has worked out how we hoped or expected, but three years later we're still here, still growing, and still proud of what we've done.

Emily Kilduff is the COO of Young&bosSHE, the storytelling platform dedicated to young professional self-identifying SHEs of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, sizes, classes, and abilities. 

Recent Achievements: 

We recently launched our Member Program and already have over 20 members who are creating a real career community in our slack group. The program is amazing because it lets real women connect with each other from across the world and talk through everything career and life. The signup link is:

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