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Art of Imagination is growing with now a Canadian and a European branch. This newsletter is sent to all members and tries to give you the most updated news about what our community is doing worldwide. Check the website that regularly welcomes new artists: 

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I hope you will enjoy reading about all the incredible projects, exhibitions and art that is being produced by Art Of Imagination's members.

Happy Solstice!

To all members, if you enjoy receiving your Inscape magazine, having your own page on the AOI's website, receiving this newsletter, reduced fees at the prestigious London Annual Exhibition and many other advantages, remember to send in your membership before January 1st 2015!
All artists working in the fantastic/surreal, visionary vein are invited to join.

Annual Memberships Fees are  £45/US$75/AUS$70/€55
Go to this page to download your application or for all information on where to send your contribution.

Della Burford is now the Western Canadian Representative  and she is sharing about the travelling show that went to Toronto, Ottawa and soon Montreal in 2015.

“Imagination is something very dear to me, it fills my life with wonder,
creates self-healing, healing & wonder for others, and our planet and I search for others who share theses aspects of being creative.”
 In the search for like souls  I know there are many “tribes” that care about the imagination  all over the world and for this I am grateful. One such tribe is the “Society of Art for Imagination”. Started in 1960 by Brigid Marlin in England.
I was thrilled to discover that Brigid was visiting Ottawa
and though it meant flying  across our big country of Canada .. off I went.
It was a real celebration .. with three exhibitions in one show for Canadian branch of the Society.
I arrived to find Fairies gathering for a parade at the Roast n Brew to announce the opening  and with the Coordinators Bhat Boys help I put on my fairie wings and joined the wondrous group.  Here paintings were showing by myself, Marina Malvada Olga Spiegel’s, Julia Hacker , Oleg  Krassnitski, Gaia Orion, France Garrido, Robert Venosa, Jean Michel Cholette and Tick Tock Tom. The Fairies flew over to the Glebe Community Centre where
I showed my “Third Eye” painting also Steven Peabody, Eike Erzmoneit, Laurie Lipton, H.R. Grigor, Alex Grey, Val Dyshlov,Jean Pronovost and Rolland Proulx’s  showed paintings. Healing and wonder was abound.
The Orange Gallery was the final Imagination Party. 
Brigid  Marlin was  an Eagle flying with her paintings . Also Bhat Boy, Tick Tock Tom, Marina Malvada, Tick Tock , Joanne St Cyr, Dana McCool ,Sybiline,
Jean Provonost, Sabine Modder, Ida Tong, Dana McCool, Russel Paquette, Amy Swartele, Marc –Frederic Tuffelli ,Elvira Rajek , Cara Elizabeth, and Liba Waring Stambollion paintings were shown.
Yes it was a fun joyful time had by all at one first exhibitions in the Ottawa of the Art for Imagination … having fun, wonder, feeling self healing and healing for others re art .. lots of work to put together .. thanks to all of those in Ottawa .. in gratitude.  I hear the next exhibition in Canada in 2015 is in Montreal .. can hardly wait! "

Here is a video that Della created about the Ottawa art show 

Alex Grey is one of many great honorary art patrons of AOI and we would like to share some of his ongoing projects. The building of the Entheon and some upcoming workshops.
With the help of a worldwide community and their donations, a sanctuary of visionary art is being built. Entheon means “a place to discover the god within.” The best-loved artwork of Alex Grey, including the sacred mirrors will be on view at Entheon along with the work of many outstanding contemporary visionary artists. For more information click here 
To follow the photos and stories of its construction check their Entheon Builder's blog
For all the details about COSM workshops click here

Mauricio Fernández, politician, entrepreneur, art collector and a great promotor of the arts inaugurated Ammon-Ra Gallery of the Visionary and Fantastic Arts in Monterrey, Mexico this November 6th. This first exhibition titled "Onirismos, Visiones y Fantasías", is a group show with ten Internationally celebrated artists from the Visionary, Fantastic and Neo Surrealism genres:
Brigid Marlin (England), Alireza Dayani (Irán), Liba Waring Stambollion (France), Otto Rapp (Vienna), Martina Hoffmann (USA), Héctor Pineda (México), Gromyko Semper (Phillippines) Zeljko Djurovic (Serbia), Jeff Sadowski (USA), and Gabriela Garza Padilla (México).
More than 100 people -art collectors and friends-attended the vernissage. Gabriela Garza Padilla, Mystic and Magic Realism artist with more than 24 years of professional experience in the visual arts, opened this gallery with the objective of promoting this new wave of imaginative art.
The gallery is in the building of Lily Sosa's Photography, to whom Gabriela made a partnership. The Sosa family has 100 years of experience in photography in the Monterrey metropolitan area. The building is an ancient hacienda with beautiful walls dating back hundreds of years.
Each month the gallery will be presenting exhibitions.
For more information go to:


The 2014 Travelling Show which started on the Spring Equinox in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico will be exhibiting at Ammon-Ra Gallery in February 2015 (see poster further below). This show of internationally acclaimed Visionaries, Fantastic, Magic realists and neo-Surrealists will then continue on to Dallas for its finale on the Spring Equinox of 2015. Keep posted for details on this last show. 

Click here for images of artist’s work



This May 30th Bash Contemporary will launch the 2015 - 2016 Dreams & Divinities Project: The Garden of Fernal Delights. This will include:
-an exhibit of around thirty International artists selected from the best of contemporary Surrealism, Visionary, Magic Realism, Fantastic and Low brow art.
-Launching the 'Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs'..
- A variety of events which we are currently planning.
We are taking propositions for Live painting, acrobats, costumes or floats for a carnival. Contact Liba at

The show will go from the USA to Asia. Keep posted!
For a project description, sample pages and more on The Garden of Fernal Delights:


On Friday, December 6th Matahati, Paris launched a show of sixteen artists from a Dreams & Divinities group of International artists.
Matahati is a gallery of handmade eco furniture designed by artist-designer Liba W Stambollion and her husband Pascal.  Liba is the founder of Dreams & Divinities and chairwoman for AOI Europe. She will keep a circulating show of small pieces from the two communities up at the gallery.
For visuals of the pieces click here
The show will be up through February 15th 2015
Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia, warmly invite you to join us for the winter trimester at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.
During these three months, students will be guided in the creation of their unique triptych painting, employing some of the techniques of the Northern Renaissance.
Students will be offered the opportunity to develop their skills in fine detailed brushwork, working on wooden panels and applying a method of layered oil and egg tempera painting.
Each winged altar piece will reflect the student's individual soul journey and unique personal story. Inner journeying, meditations and the chanting of mantras will serve to deepen our exploration and strengthen the connection to the source within.
Some key aspects of this course are:
  • comprehensive lessons in art materials & studio practice
  • figure & still life drawing
  • use of volume and modeling of forms
  • preparation of panels
  • composition & armature
  • sacred geometry & ornament
  • landscape & perspective
  • colour harmony & chiarascuro
  • working from visions and the imagination
  • narrative painting & symbolism
  • museum visits

Lectures will be offered on the iconography and symbolism of the ancient Eastern traditions with a particular focus upon Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Islamic sacred art.
It is our intention to create a sacred space that allows everyone to thrive in their natural being and creative expression.
As part of class, we will gather regularly in a circle to strengthen a field of oneness and harmony.
This course aims to balance both the technical and intuitive aspects of creating art.

No previous knowledge is required - the academy accepts both beginners and advanced students!

After a long hiatus from the internet The beinArt Surreal Art Collective is back with a brand new website!
The beinArt Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for surreal and imaginative themes.
We represent over 200 artists including: Mark Ryden, Jeremy Geddes, Kris Kuksi, Laurie Lipton, Brigid Marlin, Ron English, Greg (Craola) Simkins, Steven Assael, Travis Louie, Martin Wittfooth, Michael Hussar, Marco Mazzoni, Chris Mars, Chet Zar & Christian Rex van Minnen. See full list here
We are in the process of publishing a series of interviews with our artists on our blog. Many more interviews will be posting in the coming months!

COSM : Journal of VIsionary Culture

Reflecting art and creativity as a spiritual practice, the new volume CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture on the theme of 'Divinity' is joyed to feature AOI members A. Andrew Gonzalez, Oleg Korolev, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. The senior managing editor, honorary AOI member Delvin Solkinson, volunteers to help put this together and invites all artists from all genres to co-create this non-profit media vehicle by sponsoring space to share their art work in the 'CoSMic Gallery'. Participating in the CoSMic Gallery will celebrate your art work and share it with our global network of arts organizations, galleries, collectors and aficionados. Contact for details.
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