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Art Of Imagination was born in 1997 and is a well recognized online platform and reference for visionary, surrealist and Fantastic art. In these past 16 years, many worldwide associations, shows and other initiatives have helped establishing our art in the world scene. This newsletter will bring you the latest news from many of these actors that promote our artwork.
Don't hesitate to use this newsletter to share the date of your openings, workshops that you may host and any other initiative related to Art of Imagination. We will be happy to include them in the next newsletter which will be sent on the other solstice December 21st, 2013.

Visionary, Surrealist and Fantastic Shows

Dollars, and Art Treasures in Austria

This year’s exhibition at the Baroqueschloss Riegersburg entitled “Dollars, Treasures and Art… has time run out?” (Dollar Schätze und Kunst) brings together a number of current issues and many perspectives on contemporary society through the creation of the exhibiting artists.
Exhibition: 29 April to 17 November 2013

The two curators Iveta K. Pavlovičová and Hanno Karlhuber.

For more information about the exhibition visit:

Dreams and Divinities Travelling Exhibition in Spain and France

Through a series of books and exhibits, Dreams & Divinities offers the public a window into an emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious Art’. The projects unite a culturally eclectic group of artists and poets, each with our unique dream of this experience. The quest and expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme for the books and exhibits. Diversity in Oneness is a beautiful thing.

The exhibition inauguration was on March 22nd 2013 at 20:00 in the Centro San Marco in Toledo, Spain.

From May 17th – June 2nd the show and book will go to a museum in Andalucia: Instituto de America in Granada, Spain

From September 13th – October 9th a selection of the show will be exhibited in the Visionary Gallery of La Porte Soleil in Paris, France. A special event will be held on the Autumn Equinox

Curator: Liba W Stambollion
Principal organizers of the exhibit: Liba W Stambollion & Yamal Din
Toledo coordinators: Andrés López Santiago & Raja Azaroual 

The full schedule can be found here:

News from Vienna Art Academy

An Academy of Visionay Art set to Launch in Vienna

Opening its doors in September of 2013, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art offers a two-year and three-year Diploma programme with courses in historical painting techniques, old masters studies and life drawing, as well as visionary seeing and the exploration of myths, symbols and styles from East to West. It is an international teaching institution with English as the primary language of instruction. Shorter stays are also possible – from three months Single Trimester to two weeks Intensive.
Located in the historic Palais Palffy in the heart of Vienna – home of Ernst Fuchs’ Studio, The Phantasten Museum, and the Galerie Palffy - the Academy was co-founded by Professor Ernst Fuchs and The Visionary Guild - a circle of ten artists who, having assisted Fuchs in the past, now share studio space in the Palais Palffy and teach the Academy’s core courses.
From London, Paris and Vienna to Melbourne Australia and the West Coast of America, these ten artists – five men and five women – transmit their love of craft while sharing insights into the artist’s vocation. Their names are already well-known in the Visionary Art world - Kuba Ambrose, Laurence Caruana, A. Andrew Gonzalez, David Heskin, Maura Holden, Daniel Mirante, Amanda Sage, Timea Tallian, Emma Watkinson and Aloria Weaver. Collectively and individually, they have taught hundreds of students, from all quarters of the globe, particularly through The Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in Italy.
At the heart of the programme is the individual artist’s quest for beauty, spirit and vision. The curriculum, developed by the Faculty as a whole, encourages both technical mastery and the creative expression of genius.
For more information, please visit the academy’s web portal at:
or contact Florence Ménard at:

Visionary, Surrealist & Fantastic Publications

Alchemistas Visionary Book: Beyond The Veil

A call to artists: Unveil your vision.


See through the veil that clouds our consciousness from realizing our true existence and potential. We are seeking visionary artists on the cutting edge with a message for our world. Show us your best and we’ll exhibit your work with some of the best-known visionary artists working today…

The Book will Feature these Visionary Artists and More:

Andrew Gonzales, Andrew Jones, Luke Brown, Cameron Gray, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Mark Henson, Mariela de la Paz, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Darren Minke, Chris Dyer, Xavi Panneton, Adam Scott Miller, Michael Divine, Hans Haveron, Ishka La,Autumn Skye Morrison,Michael Garfield, Brian Paul Smith, Mark Lee, Krystleeyez, Jessica Pearlstein, Dave Lawell, Viandara, Justin Totemical, Geoglyphiks, Tourmaline Todd, Michael Heltebrake, Adam Fu Reed, Keerych Luminokaya, Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya, Ryan Johnson, Jamie Kaminskas, Laura Borealisis, Ashley Foreman, Emma Watkinson, Brig Marlin, Laurence Caruana...

And many others...You can see more artists and even submit artwork at or

This Project is being Co-Produced by Darren Minke - Founding Visionary Artist, Edited and Written by Angela Russell of Know Wonder Entertainment, and Promoted by Julian Reyes of KeyFrame Entertainment, Producer of the Bloom Series and Electronic Awakening.

We have been endorsed by Dr. Joe Dispenza from What the Bleep do we Know?, Debra Giusti of Harmony Festival Network, Blisstival blog, SF Chronicle, Mystic Garden Events, Lucidity Festival, Sacred Spaces, SolPurpose, and the producers of DMT - The Spirit Molecule
Darren Minke 512-419-9321 


Dreams and Divinities: Divining The Dream

Available here:!product/prd1/705041971/divining-the-dream

173 Pages, full color, hardback book - 61 artists and 26 poets take a turn around the Wheel of the Year. 15 euros out of every 35 euros goes towards funding the show. Artists and Poets:

The author is Liba W Stambollion and she is an artist who likes to make books. She used to make handmade books but recently She has been building book structures for artist collaborations and publishing them. The idea is then to exhibit the original artwork along with the books.


News From Our Members

Mische Technique Workshops with Brigid Marlin


Anchorage, Alaska: August 5-10
Canada, near Montreal:  Sept 16-20
For  more information contact Brigid

Dina Lenkovic

Dina Lenkovic  is now in the permanent collection in PHANTASTEN MUSEUM in Vienna Austria.
She is also preparing a new art book and now have jewelry which are done with several  woman models on Adriatic sea. For more information on her work visit

Pari Ravan

Pari Ravan's art has been shown in more than 140 occasions worldwide. She has received 17 international prizes. her pictures were purchased by the Museum Palais Pallfy in Vienna (Austria), the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (Los Angeles, USA), Solingen in Germany and the Karnevalsmuseum of Cologne (Germany). She presently lives in the South of France. For more information on her work visit

An Invitation for our Members

Art Logic Store: A new tool for those who appreciate art.

Through brainstorming between recognized artists, corporate managers and marketing intelligence specialists 
emerges a virtual platform that brings together a range of services related to art and artists. 
The virtual gallery offers hundreds of artworks selected by the evaluation committee of Logic Art Store. There users 
can find artworks by artists such as Picasso, Cargaleiro, Urbano Da Cruz, Vieira Baptista, Carlos Dugos, Thomaz De 
Mello, Ivald Granato, Renato Rodyner, Ferreira Pinto, Antonio Cem, Hanoos, Louis Lamarre, Gabriel Ribeiro and 
many others already in this project. 
The school, Logic Art School, was created to convey our passion for art to all those wishing to enhance their artistic 
abilities. We develop painting workshops with renowned artists, and a calendar of painting classes. At the school we 
develop what we call "new talents", artists with great potential who are introduced to the international markets with the 
support of Art Logic Store. 
The video section shows short videos produced for Art Logic Store about associated artists, events where Art Logic 
Store is represented, the art school and other issues directly related with art. 
Among the group's services, we also offer the restoration and certification of works of art. 
We organize and sponsor art exhibitions internationally to maximize exposure of the works of art and artists in our 
portfolio (the next international will be from the 20th to 27th July 2013 in Japan). 
Users can access most of the content of the portal without having to be registered, but to access a customized profile 
and all features of the platform he will have to follow the simple registration steps. After that registered users can buy 
and sell original works of art. All conditions are expressed in the portal for more convenience. 
We excel by seriousness and security in all transactions, ensuring a good business to our customers. 
We are pleased to invite you to discover this new art project. If you are an artist, collector, dealer or art lover, this 
concept was created having you in mind. 
We await your visit at 
Art Logic Store - The Logic Place to find Art | | 
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