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Thank you again for being part of Art Of Imagination!

What a family of amazing artists we are forming! Have you visited AOI's website recently? It has a new beautiful look and is updated regularly with opportunities, calls, new artists joining and other news from our world wide community. 

In this newsletter you will find:

  • AOI News
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I hope you will enjoy reading about all the incredible projects, exhibitions and art that is being produced by Art Of Imagination's members.

Happy Solstice!

This recent art show opening in Toronto (that was launching the Canadian branch of Art Of Imagination) received a wonderful review from the online magazine ParacultuReview that can be read here
We are looking forward to read more about the accomplishments of AOI in Canada as the show will travel to Ottawa and Montreal.
For more information visit:

Dear members of the Society for Art of Imagination,
After the brilliant success of the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination, I would like to introduce Liba Stambollion who is already well-known as an Artist and Book Creator and fabulous Exhibitions Organizer.
She has kindly agreed to be our leader for the European Society for Art of Imagination, and already has ideas for our next Shows in Europe! 
So a warm welcome to Liba!

Brigid Marlin
I am honored to have the trust of Brigid Marlin and company to turn this new page in the AOI story.  This marriage between Dreams and Divinities and AOI will allow us to merge resources, opportunities and platforms.
 Visionary artist and poet Bruce Rimell and founder of the Visionary Art Community, artist Otto Rapp will work in the team to bring fantastic shows to Europe.

Many of the artist members of AOI are already exhibiting through Dreams and Divinity Shows. AOI tends to favor individual platforms for artists, offering artist pages as vitrines for artwork. Dreams and Divinities pushes for artist collaborations with books showcasing the unified effort of the community. Both organizations bring resources and the community together to promote the fantastic, surrealist and visionary arts. This merger is a logical and complimentary marriage of our two organizations.
The first show we plan to put on in Europe will be launched in Paris late 2015. Submission calls and promotional material will be networked through the ‘Dreams and Divinities-AOI Europe’ site, the main AOI site and the Visionary Art Exhibition site. Keep your eyes peeled for details in late 2014- early 2015 for submission calls.

Please keep in mind that to participate in an AOI show you do need to be a member. You can find details here:
You do not need to be a member to participate in Dreams and Divinities projects but our projects are full until 2017.

Liba Stambollion
H.R. Giger 1940-2014

The Master is no more and rightfully his passing has been greeted by plaudits for his art and genius and there is nothing we can add to it that has not already been said but, what has not been strongly enough highlighted, was his generosity to other artists.
He was a champion for Imaginary Art and encouraged like-minded artists to keep creating, despite a mostly hostile environment, which allowed our Society and others to flourish.
The King is dead, long live his influence!

H.R. Giger 1940-2014

The Master has transitioned  and rightfully his passing has been greeted by plaudits for his art and genius and there is nothing we can add to it that has not already been said but, what has not been strongly enough highlighted, was his generosity to other artists.
He was a champion for Imaginary Art and encouraged like-minded artists to keep creating, despite a mostly hostile environment, which allowed our Society and others to flourish.
The King is dead, long live his influence!
For more news about the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art you may read their latest newsletter ,check their website and also watch this new video on Youtube about the first Year of the Academy:


Fall 2014 : Touch Drawing Workshops with Deborah Koff-Chapin

Artist and Founding Director of the Center for Touch Drawing

California, London, Amsterdam, Washington and other locations
Find out more at
Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound way of drawing. Through the touch of fingertips on paper that has been placed over an inked board, marks are formed on the underside. The speed and directness of the process enables  a series of drawings to be created in a single session. Touch Drawing is a powerful drawing technique that has applications in a range of settings.
For visionary artists, Touch Drawing provides an open space in which to explore on a formative level, without the pressures inherent in creating a singular, finished piece. In an atmosphere that sets aside critical thinking, an artist is more likely to explore unknown territory, and allow images to emerge from a deeper and more authentic place. This experience of pure expression can help build a foundation of strength and trust in one’s unique vision.
Touch Drawings have a unique and spontaneous quality that stand on their own merit. Images that emerge in the Touch Drawing process can also be further developed in an artist’s chosen art form. One experience of Touch Drawing can be enough to enable an artist to incorporate the process in their creative lexicon.
Workshop Description
Deborah’s workshops offer participants an introductory experience of Touch Drawing. During the drawing session, Deborah guides participants to focus inwardly through a series of gentle suggestions. She holds space with live improvisational music (drum, voice, crystal bowls and chimes). In a 90 minute drawing session, each participant creates 10 to 30 drawings. After the session, they can witness their drawing series with a partner, or reflect on them privately. We close the session in circle, discussing the process and how it can be integrated into their creative life.
Deborah is creator of the bestselling artistic card decks, SoulCards 1&2 (over 75,000 sold worldwide), and author of Drawing Our Your Soul and The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook. Her artwork has been exhibited at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, at conferences and in several west coast art galleries. Her images have been published in numerous magazines and books. Deborah has been ‘Interpretive Artist’ for hundreds of lectures and events around the U.S. Deborah is the founding director of The Center for Touch Drawing and has served on the board of directors of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

The Graduate Exhibition of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
In celebration of its inaugural year, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art opens its door to the public for INNER WORLDS, its year-end Graduate Exhibition. A must-see for any art enthusiast, the in-house exhibition commences with the Opening Ceremony at 6:30 pm on Saturday, June 14th and runs until June 28th 2014 at the Palais Palffy on Josefsplatz. 
This year's group of international students (mostly from Canada and the U.S.A) have out-done themselves, exploring phantastic and sacred themes in their works while celebrating the Academy's ideals of beauty, craftsmanship and style. Together, these meticulously rendered paintings by Elizabeth Banker, Martin Cash, Kevin Campeau, Dominique Hurley, Rachel Lubeck, Julianna Richey and Hadley Seymore form a stunning example of a new, Idealist art – an exhibition not to be missed, with many of the original works priced for sale. The Opening will include Live Painting and Collaboration by the exhibiting artists. 
For three trimesters, these emerging artists have explored Old Masters drawing and painting techniques through classical academic methods. Guided by an international faculty of well-known Visionary artists, they have explored three distinct traditions: The Humanist Style within the  'Western’ Canon of Classical Greek & Renaissance ArtThe Hieratic Style within the ‘Eastern’ Canon of Ancient, Islamic & Hindu-Buddhist Art, and the newly emerging Visionary Style, which carefully combines the best elements of the Humanist & Hieratic traditions. Coming from Australia, America, London, Paris and Vienna, members of the academy's faculty will also be on hand to exhibit their works: Timea Tallian, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Daniel Mirante, Kuba Ambrose, Vera Atlantia, Amanda Sage, and Laurence Caruana. The result is a masterful collection of paintings where each work manifests the artist’s unique vision while also pursuing the Academy’s ideal of “AD SACRUM” ~ Toward the Sacred.
Located in the Palais Palffy - home of The Phantasten Museum, Viva Art Gallery, and Professor Ernst Fuchs Studio - The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art opened its doors in September 2013. With English as its primary language of instruction, this international private school was founded by The Visionary Guild, a circle of recognized Visionary artists who had learned the “Mischtechnik” (an egg tempera and oil glazing technique) with Professor Ernst Fuchs - and who are now transmitting their knowledge of this special technique to a new generation of talented artists. The Academy offers a Three-year Programme, as well as Single Trimester.


The Spring Equinox Dreams & Divinities exhibit and events was successfully launched in San Cristobal de Las Casas, a center for Mayan culture and pride. The theme of the show was Peace and Balance through Conscious art. Forty-seven pieces of International art ranging from the British Isles to the Amazonian Rain Forests were displayed in the Museum ‘La Enseñanza’. The length of the exhibit was extended so that it could be included in the yearly city festival.
Photos of the Inauguration:
Photos of the paintings can be seen here:
Conferences on ecology, social responsibility and spirituality expressed though art were given by diverse International visiting artists.  Mayan Priestess Flori Perez who conducted a profound and beautiful fire ceremony with us, told us about the destruction of her people, villages and ecology due to Gold mining. We added to the schedule, a viewing of the film Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, a moving documentary which speaks about her region, our disharmony with the earth and how it relates to the Mayan prophecies.  A trailer can be seen in our section on Conferences and Concerts.
The show will conclude in a new gallery in Monterrey, Mexico for the Autumn Equinox. Keep posted through the Dreams & Divinities site for details!
All the work and organization of the show was done by volunteers.
Thanks to:
 Mavi Ramirez – Director of Culture and Iran Sanchez – Coordinator of Culture
for the City of San Cristobal, for hosting us in their beautiful city.
Carlos Zepeda - Secretary of Economic and Social Development
Teresa and Sergio Rodriguez from the Hotel Paraíso for receiving all our paintings.
Hector Pineda and Fabian Jimenez for our posters, banners and pamphlets.
Hector Pineda for all the hard work getting paintings out of customs.
All the artists who stretched canvas, hung paintings, set lights etc
The donors and sponsors who gave their support, financially and in a multitude of other ways.
Our community is beautiful!

Liba WS  &  Gabriela Garza Padilla

‘Gothic Fiction and the Dark Romantics’ confronts dark themes, that while compelling, under close scrutiny create discomfort and unease. Champions of such tales are often driven by a desire to communicate a blunt truth about our humanity. The grotesque is celebrated; our sympathies, darkest fears, and our ability to empathize with the most wretched are provoked. Our champions in this show include Chris Mars, Kevin Titzer, Jane Andrews, Len Shelley, Michael deMeng, Kyla Zoe Rafert, Ego, and Michael Barnes.
Art history has been punctuated by figures that appear to fall outside of the visual art traditions of their time, and yet were able to communicate with an audience in a way that their contemporaries were not. Artists such as Bosch, Brugel, and Goya gave us access to the shadows and dark corners of the human activity. Their images resonated with a visceral reality. While the contemporary artists in this exhibiton may acknowledge the continuing influence of these masters, they speak with individual and authentic voices, based in personal experience of their own time. Authenticity is an important element in this work, ensuring that our engagment with these works is ‘real’, rather than a manipulation of our emotions.
The title of this show harks back to a time when our taste for melodrama was at its peak. The Victorian ‘gothic fiction’ of Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allen Poe reflected a public fascination with the tragic and frightening, which in its own way was an echo of their time.
 The eight artists in this show have a similar sensibility, delving into grave ideas, such as suffering, mortality, futility, and our path to self-destruction, while recognizing the resilience of the human spirt. We recognize the light by passing through the shadows. In some faiths there is no evil, just an absence of good, there is no dark, just an absence of light.
‘Gothic Fiction and the Dark Romantics’ will open on Saturday, June 14 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Brumfield’s Gallery 1513 N 13th Street Boise, ID 83702


LUSO-AMERICAN Surrealism of the 21st century was the latest exhibition and the continuation of others from the project "International Surrealism Now" with the participation of Santiago Ribeiro, Victor Lages, Paula Rosa, Francisco Urbano and American artists, highlighting Shahla Rosa, who co-organize the exhibition held at LuminArte Gallery in Dallas, U.S.A.
In the exhibition International Surrealism Now, has participated a group of artists from the Russian Federation (Edgar Invoker, Maria Aristova, Oleg Korolev, Sergey Tyukanov, Yuri Tsvetaev and the Russian-American Anna Plavinskaya). To them, has joined Otto Rapp, from Austria, with his Visionary Art Project.
This artistic project was presented in Spain through Yamal Din; in Paris with the support of Bissaya Barreto Foundation, GAPP – Galeria de Arte Portugal Presente and Liba WS; in Berlin, organized by Santiago Ribeiro. The project started in Coimbra, with the support of Bissaya Barreto Foundation and was held at Conímbriga Monographic Museum and also in Lisbon, Setúbal, Ericeira and Amadora (organized by Victor Lages).
The surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro is the creator of the International Surrealism Now and its major driving force around the world, via the Internet and a variety of social networks.
The International Surrealism Now exhibition at the Palace of Ega, in Condeixa-a-Nova, is supported by the United Photo Press and organized by the Municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, through the Municipal Library, and by Santiago Ribeiro.
In the exhibition participate artists from 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

INTERNATIONAL SURREALISM NOW is displayed  in the Middle Age Castle of Paço da Ega, Ega, Condeixa Município, Coimbra Cidade in the center of Portugal.
June 21 to July 31, 2014 open 19h00 hours.

COSM : Journal of VIsionary Culture

We are pleased to announce, after 2 1/2 years in production, the new CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture is in the first stages of release. It was put together by the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors media team including AOI member Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and honorary AOI member Delvin Solkinson along with a host of others. This global arts journal includes artful contributions from AOI members Brigid Marlin, Martina Hoffmann, Roberto Venosa, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Ernst Fuchs, Gaia Orion, Chris Dyer, and Maya Erica Forester. 

in the opening Alex and Allyson asked What values and ideals do sacred communities live by? To prepare this issue of CoSM journal we contacted inspirational leaders and asked their personal views or philosophy of group life, and about the body, mind and spirit of their community. The body includes the physical elements, the land, buildings or website platform that hosts their community. The mind includes the community's governance, ground rules and operating system, how they get things done. The spirit includes their community's practices, beliefs and rituals and so we go on a profound journey through the World Community to explore this answer
The global arts community reflects a beautiful melange of colour, style and technique. Like the wonderful AOI magazine Inscape, planetary arts media celebrate the differences and similitudes of humanities art at this novel edge of history. 
more info :
purchase link :

Open Call for Illustrators for a major exhibit in September 2014

Dear Illustrators:
This Fall we have a two part show of art revolving around paper. The first floor of our art center will show famous illustrated books and original published art. This could be illustrations of books or magazines. We will also display published prints. Work will be sold at this event since we have two important collectors wishing to develop their collections of illustrations. One is Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, the world's foremost collector of  Milton related art and books, who wishes to add to his contemporary art collection of John Milton and George Herbert illustrations, and Yuko Nii who is developing a major collection of contemporary art of all types. 
On the second floor of our art center we will have contemporary paper art of all kinds, drawings, sculpture, book art etc. If you are interested in this email us at for an application. 

This call was shared by one of our members Bienvenido Bones Banez.
Art&Design Exhibition 2015 in
Germany and Italy.
Deadline for entries January 2015

Theme: Art of recycling & recycling in art.
Invited will be artists with 2-D and 3-D objects where recycling objects are a central part of the art work.
Objects with electric, electronic or moving parts
will be given preferences during the selection.
There is already a museum in France that shows
a very high interest in organizing an exhibition with
art work that has a central part moving objects!
If a decent number of art work of this kind comes together, for sure we can plan and organize an exhibition there!
The objects can be pure artistic ones, or useful designs. Two galleries have already agreed to exhibit the objects.
More exhibition places are planned.
Confirmed collaboration comes from
the Recycling Museum of Milano:
All selected work will be exhibited on their website!
A catalogue will be printed in the same style as the one for the
4-months international exhibitions near Dresden and Munich.
The pages of the catalogue can be seen here:
More detailed information for the event will be given later this year.
The deadline for entering will be around January 2015.
Curator and organizer: Annabella Claudia,
Further information : annabella ( ad ) magic ( dot ) ms

The Show Strange Figurations is now open for entry.

SlowArt Productions presents the thematic exhibition: Strange Figurations. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery from September 11 – October 4, 2014. This exhibition is open to all interpretations of the concept, Strange Figurations. Included are all forms of surreal, visionary and extraordinary figurative art. All interpretations of the theme “Strange Figurations” will be reviewed and considered.
Please visit the website for details:


Members of the Society for Art of Imagination are invited to contribute to this new show in Yonkers, New York, co-curated by our very own France Garrido.
Click HERE for all the details on the Blue Door Art Centre website.
Curators:  France Garrido & Arle Sklar-Weinstein:

Deadline for online submissions:  July 26, 2014
Please submit images through our online submission form HERE.

No ENTRY FEE – Artists may submit up to 6 entries.
There is a $20 installation fee PER accepted work, payable online at time of notification.
SIZE RESTRICTION  60”H x 40”W and no heavier than 100lb.
Notification of acceptance:  August 3rd , 2014
Hand Delivered Works: August 30th between 10 am & 2 pm
Shipped Works:  Due Dates:  August 25 – August 28, 2014
Pick up:  October 11, 4pm – 6pm

COMMISSION: Blue Door Gallery receives 35% commission on all sales.


Contact: Terrance Lindall,, (718) 486-6012

"A masterful work directly impinging upon our immediate times and the near future of our society. Essentially, 'the chicken has come home to roost!'" — Terrance Lindall

From the Author of The Satanic Verses of Bones Banez

"For YOU are the numbers by which the Beast rules. By the numbers of the mortgages you hold and must repay, by the numbers of the interest rate under which you groan. Hangs from  the golden thread of
one great thing: That when a man owns, he wants more, aways more. And will borrow, for a dream, of future happiness. And then will slave until his dying repay!"
 From The Satanic verses of BOnes banez

Visit The Website:
On Youtube: Poetry of an Ancient Culture:
Bones banez plays the Satanic Rhapsody:
Pari Ravan's exhibition will be at the Moya Museum in Vienna, Austria. The painting" Hommage à Vienne" became part of the collection of the museum. Her next exhibition will be a group exhibition. She was invited by the Italy art association in Royal Opera Gallery in London from 7-12 July.
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