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Dear  members,

Here is a message from our council:

The Society for Art of imagination has been a wonderful link between international artists interested in imaginative art for the last 50 years.  Historically the Society has depended on the generosity of patrons to help us show our work and mount exhibitions. As this money is no longer available we are undergoing some financial restructuring.  As we are no longer able to fully fund exhibitions we have decided that membership for 2016 will be FREE!

We continue to actively seek exhibiting opportunities and each venue will have its own financial conditions.  You will see that the two exhibiting opportunities already organized for next year  give exceptional value for members. (For details on these shows please see below in the Call For Artists section).

We will be emailing membership forms in January to update our records and sincerely hope that you will continue to support art of imagination and take full advantage of being a member of such an exciting group.

As AOI members you will:
- be notified of international exhibiting opportunities
- be given exhibiting space at significant discounts
- receive our magazine Inscape
- have exposure for your art on our website FREE for 2016
- receive our e-newsletter with the latest information on events, exhibitions and opportunities
- be part of an artist community through our strong and lively Facebook page
Further details about these exhibitions will be emailed to members in due course. Membership forms to update our records will be emailed in January 2016.
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

An exhibition featuring numerous Society members will have its vernissage on July 9, 2016, in Seattle, USA

Embracing mystery as a source of inspiration, this tightly curated group of Fantastic Realist and Visionary artists from around the world will present interpretations of universal mythology, with vivid imagination and masterful technique. Their cosmic, intuitive, visual language will reach through the ephemeral illusion we have come to know as reality, to an underlying, timeless, spiritual narrative. On the vernissage weekend, Brigid Marlin will teach a mischtechnik workshop at Seattle's Gage Academy.
Im'ago Primordialis exhibition
July 9 - September 3, 2016
at Krab Jab Studio, Seattle USA
Curated by : Don Farrell, in association with Krab Jab Studio
"Knowing doesn't reside in the knower,
nor does truth in what is known,
but in between."
- "A Mystical Epistemology", Peter Reason
Mystery has been banished; everything must be defined. And yet, while analytical thought bestows many gifts upon civilization, we remain insatiable. As if the unknown, itself, is the very ferment of community, humility, love....and life.

Embracing mystery as a source of inspiration, Fantastic Realists from around the world present this exhibition of numinous, visionary art - to reawaken feeling and intuition marginalized in today's cynical analyses.
Like the mystical traditions of countless cultures, their works assign symbols to The Unknowable, reaching through the ephemeral illusion we have come to know as reality, to an underlying, timeless, spiritual narrative. Universal mythology is interpreted with vivid imagination, and masterful technique renders it believably real.
Beneath the veil of seeming, an intuitive, visual language suggests that we are all part of something glorious, yet unrevealed. Fulfillment reflects from mystery in the primordial image, encouraging us to find, within ourselves, a unique understanding beyond the grasp of intellect...a feeling of connection...our own personal harmony with an ancient melody that is often unheard amidst the dissonance of perpetual immediacy.

Deb Keirce is hosting four workshops in 2016 that may be of interest to members. The workshops will be held in Northern Virginia, USA. With historical glazing methods, and contemporary realism in portraiture, charcoal drawing, using photoshop to create dynamic compositions, posing and photographing live models, and creating a business plan for your career as an artist, there is sure to be something for everybody interested in oil painting.
Sarah Siltala
Cindy Procious
Shana Levenson
Chris Saper
Here is a link to info on all of these workshops:

2015 was an important year as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of "Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance" movement.
10 years, 10 collections, 42 shows across Europe and beyond (as we were invited to Casablanca in 2014).
The Libellule movement is doing well. It brings together about thirty artists from over 20 countries. The exhibition spaces that invite us are increasingly prestigious.

This year we exhibited our collection " Exclamations! " in Toledo and we are currently (until February 2016) in Austria. It is a fabulous exhibition with 170 works, bringing together the following collections: " Exquisite Angel", "Exclamations", "Black and White" and "Phoenix and Dragons". To this date, this is the largest exhibition of Libellulle and it concludes our 10th year!
Also our new 10th collection "Self-portraits" was a huge success despite the difficult conditions in Paris late November. We felt we had to make this event really special and the audience enjoyed it! Pictures of the exhibitions are all over internet networks worldwide.

Our artists have also worked on our 8th collection "Tribute to Old Masters", it will start travelling next year. This collection is truly stunning and will certainly be in high demand. We will open with an show in Prague, in the cloister of Strahov Monastery, next to the castle. We are sponsored by the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic for this event. Afterward the exhibition will travel to France and to Germany until the end of January 2017. We are working on a catalogue for this travelling show.

We are also working on the "Mexican lottery" project in partnership with Mexico. The first exhibition will be in Guadalajara in January 2016, then in Queretaro, followed by 3 or 4 more shows throughout Mexico. After this, the collection is already programmed to go to Europe in two different countries in 2017.

We are not leaving behind our previous collections: we will present " Zodiac" and "One Million dollars banknotes", which includes 100 artworks, in a beautiful museum in Germany.

2017 will be a very busy year, especially as other proposals are presenting themselves. We will conclude it with the launch of the 11th collection which our artists are already working on.

The love affair is still hot but the reality has set in. I am afraid it is too complicated to combine Dreams & Divinities and AOI into one association and I simply don’t have the time to run them separately. I am honoured that Brigid chose me as Chairperson but I want to honour her by leaving the position open to someone who will have more time to dedicate to this amazing association that she has built over the last few decades.  So I will step down as chairwoman but continue to offer my collaboration through curating, building shows and promotion when I am able to. This collaboration will begin with a Travelling Show launching in Paris and will travel through Europe. See the Submission call below if interested. I am looking forward to the continuing collaborations and the great potential we have as networked groups to spread beauty and meaning around the world. 
Liba WS

5 day workshop
May 9th – 13th 2016
Since the dawn of Art History, artists have expressed their dreams and visions through symbolism which blends both recognizable and fantastic imagery.
Artist Liba WS who is specialized in magic realism, will offer methods to extract and represent the essential symbolism from a sequence of dreamtime, vision or imagination.
Using both students as models and digital images, she will teach how to morph source materials to create fantastic creatures, objects and landscapes. This procedure will take into account harmonizing light sources and perspective, composition, basic life drawing skills, using light to model form and basic oil glazing techniques.
The course is open to students of all levels who wish to have a better understanding of how to manifest the un-manifest in a painting.
If interested, please contact both and

 “A Fernal Solstice”

Through the months of December and January, the Gallery Matahati in Paris, will hold an exhibit of Illuminated Letters and original artwork from The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs.
The Artists:
Carrie Ann Baade,  Dengcoy Miel, Gromyko Semper, Gwyllm Llwyd, Liba WS, Madeline Von Foerster,
Martina Hoffmann, Michel Bassot, Otto Rapp, Pascal Ferry, Roku Sasaki, Wessi, Zeljko Djurovic,
The opening was held on December 12th with a flute concert by Sylvain Blerol and a book signing.
26 rue St Ambroise
75011 Paris

Click HERE ( or on the Banner for the Gallery of Art to be exhibited.


Since the summer, Dreams & Divinties has been collaborating with the Naia Museum around the Fernal theme.  In July French Artists from the Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs came out for a booksigning and there was a day of live painting, concerts and dance.
For more pictures of the events.
In the autumn, through the Naia Museum, Liba WS was invited to the Broceliande Fantastic Book Fair in Brittany, to dedicate  books  (Gaia – I a not sure how to say that! Dedicace, book signing… Been in france too long. Lol) It was a day of networking and festivity.
And on the same day that Matahati launched the Fernal Solstice,  Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry presented two new paintings for the permanent NAIA Museum collection as well as a book signing for 'The Encyclopedia Of Fernal Affairs'.
Liba WS did a book signing at their stand this autumn at The Broceliande Fantastic Art Fair.
Naia Museum
Parc du Chateau,
56220 Rochefort-en-Terre



A Great Winter Ahead!

Join us to Explore New Techniques of Visionary Painting during the Winter Trimester with Mark Lee & Ihti Anderson starting on January 4th. Special guests Simon Haiduk and Daniel Kage will add a deeper insight into the worlds of Digital & Sacred Geometry.

We're so grateful and honoured to welcome Alex Grey & Allyson Grey for Art Spirit Vienna, a 2 Day Intensive of Workshops and Lectures on February 2nd & 3rd 2016!

Registrations are already open for the Spring Trimester 2016 with David Heskin & Aloria Weaver. 2 Intensives in May will add another exciting touch: Journey to the Inner Sanctum  with Kathleen Schmieder and Creating Fantastic Creatures with Liba W. Stambollion.

We hope to see you in Vienna soon,

Laurence Caruana & Florence Ménard
Directors of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

Palais Palffy - 2nd floor
Josefsplatz 6- 1010 Wien

For more information on all the courses go to:
1. Invitation by Brigid Marlin: Summer Exhibition in a Park Gallery near Dresden, Germanyto exhibit in Dresden, Germany. FREE to all members. Commission on sales of 15%!

Karl Dominick, the owner of the Gallery and the fish company that finances it, has invited the Society for Art of Imagination to exhibit in his gallery from 28th August until end of October 2016.
The hanging and setting up will take place  on August 26th. The Gallery can exhibit over 300 artworks.
The fish company commercially raises fish in special ponds. In mid September the owner organizes a very big party for fishermen. Several thousands people attend every year. They visit the Park Gallery and visit all the exhibition rooms, and many buy artwork. Although the Park Gallery is not in the center of a big town, it attracts more visitors than a town gallery.
I would suggest to all artists, wanting to take part, that paintings containing a 'fish' element are more liable to sell!

2. An Exhibition at Xpolination Gallery in Maidstone, UK. Only £15 for members for up to 3 paintings!

Exhibition in the Maidstone Gallery:
The Society received an invitation to exhibit in a gallery in Maidstone*, Michel de St Ouen and I went down to see it, and liked the gallery very much. It is situated in charming area and is composed of timbered group of houses, so that the rooms are of different shapes and sizes which sets off the artwork beautifully!
The Gallery owner is a delightful person, an artist herself. She has worked in the cause of art for most of her life, even teaching art in prisons to help the prisoners find hope through their art.
We are invited to show there from 7th October to 4th November 2016. The Gallery has enough room for over 300 artworks, which would give all members a chance to show their work.
Full details of these exhibitions will be emailed to all our members well in advance.
*Maidstone is the county town of Kent, England, 32 miles south-east of London. The River Medway runs through the centre of the town, linking it with Rochester and the Thames Estuary. There is an excellent train service to London.


Any interpretation, any medium. It is an online exhibition so you need to send only the image, not the object.
The show will be hosted in February 2016.
Full details on
ICE18: The 18th Annual International Collage Exhibition/Exchange.
This exhibition is both online and in a gallery in New Zealand.  One collage from each participating artist will become part of the permanent collection of The Verbeke Foundation in Belgium.
Full details on



Sculpture by Patrice HubertThis coming March 2016 AOI- Dreams & Divinities will be launching a travelling show at The Atelier Gustave in Paris.  The show will go from Paris to England and end late next year in Germany.
Both the English and German Gallery can hold up to 300 pieces of art.  However the Paris gallery is small and can only hold around 25 – 35 pieces. Therefore the majority of accepted artists will start the odyssey in England rather than Paris.
If you are interested in participating in the Travelling Show, I am now taking submissions for Paris. Submissions for the other countries will be announced in the next newsletter. I will transfer any important submission that did not find a place in Paris onto the larger committee for the rest of the show. 
Please send 
Photo and size of proposed work. 
There is a 30 euros administrative fee if accepted. 
There is a comission of 25% on sold works in Paris (different comissions for the UK and German galleries) 
Artist is responsible for sending and returning unsold work 
AOI is responsible for transport between countries. 
Deadline for Paris submissions is January 15th 2016

„Night Flight“ over Gruyères – Opening of the Vali Myers Exhibition at the H.R. Giger's Museum in Switzerland
                Despite losing its owner, creator and one of the most intriguing surrealist artists of the 20th century last year, the H.R. Giger Museum is still the place where the visionary elite can find a safe spot away from the everyday grind of blank reality. Thus, In October of this year it became the home of Vali Myers, an Australian-born artist whose influence, since the early 1950s, spilled across visual arts, music, creative hotspots in New York, Paris, and around the world, inspiring free spirits to this day. One is immediately taken by the sophisticated connection these two artists share: their art broke the barriers of perception dumbed-down by the mainstream „unquality“, their powerful expression only becoming stronger as time goes by in the eternal and sometimes trivial pursuit of meaning.
                The opening of the Vali Myers exhibition under the title „Night Flight“ at the Giger Museum was 'the sign' I must've needed to return to Gruyères, since more than three years passed from my first voyage to this charming village in the French part of Switzerland. Besides cheese, good wine and a breathtaking view of the towering mountains, Gruyères also boasts three museums, one of which – the H.R. Giger's astonishing legacy – has found itself ranked high on the lists of „top places to see before you die“, although the clichéd musings about the 'frightening' Alien and other creatures living in this museum are nothing short of tedious. For this castle and the permanent exhibition of Giger's works inside offer a true time, space and thought machine that defies ordinary perception, and most certainly the common definitions often mentioned for the purpose of 'understanding'. Thus, a match made in artistic heaven was made between the museum and Vali's most influential and respected works.
                Speaking of which, I cannot possibly write about her paintings without first offering a better view of Vali herself, because she was the personification of the unbreakable bond between the artist and her art. Listening to Ruth Cullen, one of the curators of the exhibition, and her inspiring speech at the opening ceremony in the autumn hours of the first day, one word in particular caught my ear: „creatrix“. It instantly called to my mind the images of a powerful female being, a rusalka whose beauty was known well beyond her Slavic fairy waters, a true goddess with a golden sceptre in one hand and a fine English pen in the other. From her youthful years spent in post-WWII European capitals to the decades lived in her animal sanctuary in Il Porto, Italy, Vali defied categorisation, content to raise an eyebrow (or two) with her flamboyant looks and way of life. Vali's art, which often took months and even years to complete, did not cause inquisitory looks, though – it raised heartbeats and people fell in love with her intricate, intimate drawings, for good.
                Many current and future lovers of Vali's art gathered for the opening and had the chance to delve into her world through a carefully selected set of early monochrome works and later creations bursting with eye-pleasing colours, including some never-before-seen paintings discovered by Ruth Cullen, who is also the executive director of the Vali Myers Art Gallery Trust Fund and filmmaker behind two documentaries about Vali. One of these, titled „The Tightrope Dancer“, was shown at the 'cinema vault' of the museum for the exhibition visitors, and seeing it in this unique setting has got to be one of the most memorable experiences for me – all around me were people who knew her personally and were featured in the documentary as well, and it was like Vali was with us that day. In fact, I'm sure she was, smiling her Daliesque smile in all its glory and whispering about what inspired her as we looked closely at each exhibited work.
                „Moby Dick“, a prominent painting in Vali's oeuvre and on display at the museum, shows the neverending battle between nature and mankind through characters from Melville's classic and Vali's favourite read. „Foxy“, also the cover painting of the exhibition, shows her faithful pet and companion of many years, and continues the thread of the close relationship of Vali's vision to all things nature, passion, and energy. These are just two works from the rich collection on display at the Giger museum in the following months – like the rest, they invite another look, another thought, a discovered detail hidden in the opium dreams above the red-haired creature („her, but not her“, paraphrasing Vali). „Night Flight“ is further enriched with several portraits of Vali who was as much a character of her own creation as she was the creator.
                From her unique creations, including the special font that decorated her art, to her exceptional life and the influence still seen and discovered today by budding artists, writers, and other seekers of the unknown, Vali Myers has envisioned a cosmos that encompasses truly everything – and in the surroundings of another, Giger's cosmos, it represents a yearned-for world that, from October 2015 to May 2016, resides in Gruyères.
Ilhana Škrgić
VALI MYERS „Night Flight“ – exhibition at the Museum HR Giger
October 10, 2015 – May 31, 2016
Curated by Ruth Cullen, Les Barany, Marco Witzig, and Tom Gabriel Fischer


H.R. Giger, one of the most significant representatives of „fantastic realism“, known across the globe for his distinct biomechanic worlds and famous horror-sci-fi film legacy, was recently awarded with a square bearing his name in the hometown of Chur, Switzerland. A plaque was also placed on the house where he was born, just a few meters from the newly minted „Gigerplatz“. Family, friends and close collaborators, along with many fans, gathered on November 12th and witnessed the unveiling of both the plaque and the fountain decorating the square, which was followed by a special exhibition in the city hall under the title „Happy Birthday, Mr Giger“.
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