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Thank you again for being part of Art Of Imagination!

We feel the most important news for our community is the departure of master Ernst Fuchs, a pioneer of the visionary art movement that has inspired so many of us. An exhibition in Vienna is being organized by his close students to celebrate his teachings and his life. 
This year we have so many shows happening: in France, England, Austria, Germany, Peru and USA. Look out for the few calls for artists!

In this newsletter you will find news about:

  • Current and Upcoming Group Exhibitions
  • Upcoming Workshops and Courses
  • Dreams and Divinities Shows
  • Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Program

I hope you will enjoy reading about all the incredible projects, exhibitions and art that is being produced by Art Of Imagination's members.This newsletter is sent to all members and tries to give you the most updated news about what our community is doing worldwide. Check the website that regularly welcomes new artists: 

Happy Solstice!


Here are two posters for our next shows. Anyone can send in to the show in Germany - just email Galerie Flox and tell them you are a member of AOI.

The other Show is in Maidstone England; If you are a member wanting to exhibit, contact the gallery



Here is the invitation for the exhibition in Cuzco (Peru) from June 10 to 22, 2016. This exhibition is hosted by Cuzco School of Arts. On the poster below you can see the list of artists that are participating. Their artwork are displayed along with local artists until the celebration of Inti Raymi.

OPENS JULY 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm - RUNS to SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

This exhibition is threefold in that it is a testimonial to the life of Ernst Fuchs and the many he has inspired. It also honors his early assistants Wolfgang Manner and De Es Schwertber. In addition it is a celebration of the OMNV seminars and events held in Austria over the last 20 years. Selected artists who studied with him from the 1960s to early 1970s including his sons Michael and Daniel, as well as other artists like Robert Venosa, Mati Klarwein, Martina Hoffmann and nearly 100 artists associated to Fuchs and the OMNV seminars like Peter Gric, Otto Rapp, Vesna Krasnec and others, as well as selected former assistants and students of  Prof Phil, and that of Michael Fuchs will also be featured. All the artist-students participating in the 2016 four- week seminar with Prof Phil and Mantra will also be invited to participate in this historic exhibition.

Im'ago Primordialis
Im'ago Primordialis is a group show of twenty-five of today's most talented Visionary and Imaginative artists. The show was curated by AOI member Don Farrell for the Seattle gallery Krab Jab. 

It opens on July 9th at 6 pm and will be up through September 3rd. Be sure to drop by if you are in the area!

"Knowing doesn't reside in the knower, 
nor does truth in what is known,
but in between."

"A Mystical Epistemology", Peter Reason

Mystery has been banished; everything must be defined. And yet, while analytical thought bestows many gifts upon civilization, we remain insatiable. As if the unknown, itself, is the very ferment of community, humility, love....and life.

Embracing mystery as a source of inspiration, Fantastic Realists from around the world present this exhibition of numinous, visionary art - to reawaken feeling and intuition marginalized in today's cynical analyses.

Like the mystical traditions of countless cultures, their works assign symbols to The Unknowable, reaching through the ephemeral illusion we have come to know as reality, to an underlying, timeless, spiritual narrative. Universal mythology is interpreted with vivid imagination, and masterful technique renders it believably real.

Beneath the veil of seeming, an intuitive, visual language suggests that we are all part of something glorious, yet unrevealed. Fulfillment reflects from mystery in the primordial image, encouraging us to find, within ourselves, a unique understanding beyond the grasp of intellect...a feeling of connection...our own personal harmony with an ancient melody that is often unheard amidst the dissonance of perpetual immediacy.

DebKArt Home Studios is hosting drawing and painting workshops in Northern Virginia, USA, that may be of interest to AOI members. In 2016, Cindy Procious, Shana Levenson and David Cheifetz will be teaching.

Registration for these and for 2017 workshops being planned by instructors Carlo Russo, Teresa Oaxaca, Tina Garrett, Linda Fisler and TJ Cunningham is at

On the Spring Equinox, AOI in collaboration with Dreams & Divinities launched a travelling show of 56 International artists in Paris France. The show was curated by artist Liba WS and included artists: Alex Grey, Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa, Benjamin Vierling, Carrie Ann Baade, Amanda Sage and many more. The exhibit was held in the 19 th century atelier of the sculptor Gustave Eiffel– a beautiful ornate space in the artist district of Montparnasse.

The opening was packed with around 150 people including a dozen of the participating artists. It was documented in three magazines and of course the wonderful network of Internet communities. Artist Otto Rapp compiled a large community album of photos which you can see here:

To conclude the Paris show, singers Aruna and Beatrice Little Bear performed on the last day. To see their performances, you can click here:

The show is now all packed up and will go on to Dresden Germany to the Galerie Flox. It will merge with a bigger show curated by Annabella Hofmann with the help of Liba WS and Brigid Marlin. The show will take place during a large annual festival for fisheries. Thousands of people come through the area during this festival bringing big crowds to the gallery.

If you are interested in participating, please contact: or

Announcing the 2016-17 Programme!

Returning to teach with us this year are Kuba Ambrose & Vera Atlantia, Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante & Mark Lee Somnio8. We are also pleased to welcome Jonathan Solter to our faculty, as a teacher during our 2017 Winter Trimester.

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in 2017, Laurence Caruana will be returning to teach, alongside Autumn Skye Morrisson and our graduating student Kevin Campeau.

Also, in anticipation of Laurence Caruana's new book, "Sacred Codes: The Forgotten Principles of Painting Revived by Visionary Art", we will be releasing a series of video lectures on the sacred codes of art.

Finally, please join us for our End of the Trimester party on June 17th, for lots of singing, dancing, great food and great art!

For more information visit the website www.
or contact the  academy
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