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To all members, if you enjoy receiving your Inscape magazine, having your own page on the AOI's website, receiving this newsletter, reduced fees at the prestigious London Annual Exhibition and many other advantages, remember to send in your membership before January 1st 2014!
All artists working in the fantastic/surreal, visionary vein are invited to join.

Annual Memberships Fees are  £45/US$75/AUS$70/€55
Go to this page to download your application or for all information on where to send your contribution.


We are happy to announce that the Society's secretary is now Cilia Conway who has taken over from Iris Fish. Thank you Cilia from all of us!
Orbit Of A Golden Age by Bhat Boy

Artists of Imagination Marina Malvada, Jean Provonost, and Bhat Boy are founding the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination. The three are setting up a foundation to host a show that will tour Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto next summer with the financial assistance of the American Society and under the inspiration of Brigid Marlin. Look for our first show at Moniker Gallery on Queen Street at the end of May 2014. We are still getting up and running but our new website address is, we hope to be established as a recognized charity by March of next year.

All the shows in Canada will be entitled "Art for Peace" and will be raising money to help children made homeless by War! Also that each Show in Canada  is Open for sending-in by all Members in any country.
Under the leadership of Michael Fuchs and Edith Maria Lesnik 

Each student can decide with Michael Fuchs which workshop week to take:             
  1. 7 to 11 July, 2014  
  2. 14 to 18 July, 2014
  3. 21 to 25 July, 2014  
  4. 28 to 1 Aug., 2014     
Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, with one-hour break an Saturday afternoon.
The Academy offers a curricullum in 4 different modules. One module programm can last one or more weeks. Sign up now!
For more information please contact Edith Maria Lesnik,
project manager. website: e-mail:    

Today is a wonderful day for The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art!! After 8 months of meetings & e-mail exchanges with the Austrian Ministry of the Interior - during which time our admin team poured over tons of legal documents (in German) & lobbied professors for letters of support - WE HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED AS AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION IN AUSTRIA!!

This means that ALL OUR STUDENTS CAN NOW OBTAIN RESIDENCY VISAS FOR THEIR FULL STAY IN VIENNA, rather than just 3 month tourist visas...We are overjoyed!

We've watched as our dossier was transferred from The Ministry of the Interior to The Ministry of Education, then to school administrators, then back & around - a number of times - before going up to the higher offices of the Ministry for its final decision. This has been a huge battle for us. Through it all, we've held onto the vision that our serious approach to Visionary Art Education would be recognized.

A huge thank you to Florence Ménard for her persistence, to Frau Margit Seidel from the Ministry of Interior for her understanding in our project, to Prof. Ernst Fuchs for his collaboration, to Timea Tallian, Prof. Ulrich Gansert, Mag. Dr. Sigrid Eyb-Green, Prof. Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Baatz, Daniel Schatzdorfer, Erich Peischl & more… for their support.

...And to our students (...our beautiful, amazing, wonderful students!) – we’re so grateful for your unwavering faith, support & enthusiasm! 

For more news about the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art you may read their latest newsletter or check their website
Below are some information about what they offer to the world at large:
For the 8th collection, “Tribute to Old Masters”, Lukáš Kándl and the artists of the movement « Libellule, Renaissance Contemporaine », (“Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance”), invite themselves in the studios of old Masters.
December 4 to 8, 2013, in Paris, Grand Palais, 17 paintings, worthy of the greatest museums, will be displayed for everyone’s enjoyment.
Launched 8 years ago, the Libellule movement is already leaving its imprint in history. As its success broadens, we are grateful for the support we receive from established professionals and art critics, as well as for the invitations to exhibit in prestigious venues worldwide.
In a world where artists are typically individualistic and the very notion of the collective has disappeared, we bring the public a novel incarnation: a set of contemporary living artists of varied origins with backgrounds from several continents, who are united in their expressions of personal creativity by their respect for a unified format and theme. From each artist’s unique culture, background and vision of the world emerges their contribution to a common whole, whose perfection is embodied in the harmonious reflection of each of their differences.
In contrast to today's world, which is steeped in chaos and violence, as is well illustrated by the world of "Official Contemporary Art," we juxtapose ourselves as avant-garde actors of the opposite tendency. While many believe that our world is in a period of decline, we are here to offer some keys of optimism and perhaps posit that everything is cyclical; that after black comes white, and most importantly that each of us is an actor singularly responsible for what happens to ourselves. Neither black nor white is good or bad in and of itself. Rather, it is in excess and how we react to it that unease is generated.
We are here to reflect upon changes in society and we herald the beginning next cycle past our current fall from grace. Within our movement, we hope you discover a new set of lenses through which to appreciate and participate in the renewal that appears in the horizon. We are also here to bring pleasure and hope.
Françoise KÁNDL
Libellule Art International


On the Spring equinox ( March 21st) of 2014, Liba W Stambollion and Gabriela Garza Padilla will launch a month-long exhibit of fifty artists starting with a week of events.  An eclectic range of International art from around the globe ranging from the Visionary Martina Hoffmann to the Fantastic Zeljko Djurovic to the Surrealist Patrick McGrath Muñiz to the Indigenous Luis Eleazar Tamani Amasifuen will form one coherent exhibit of Spirit and Reflection.

Films, music, live painting, poetry and a blessing for Peace, for balance and for Love will take place from Friday the 21st to Wednesday the 26th of March. The exact schedule will be out in late December but count on Alex Sastoque for live painting, Carrie Ann Baade for a presentation, Vincent Gallet with his documentarry “Following Dreams & Divinities” , Michel Roudnitska for a multi sensorial event and Axel Lecourt for World Music.

 “Ex-Convento de Santo Domingo”
San Cristóbal, Chiapas, México near the ancient Mayan site of Palenque. 
Free entrance. Donations for some events. All ages, all peoples welcome. 


For the artist list and information:




The 2013 Dreams & Divinities Travelling Show just completed an Equinox to Equinox odyssey through Andalucia and into Paris. The exhibit consisted of fifty five artists from the book ‘Divining the Dream’and three guest artists. There were ninety-four pieces of art in total. Poets, performers, musicians and digital artists offered performances at the various events, engaging the public in a multi-sensorial experience.


Quite a few of the artists are in the AOI community and Brigid Marlin was present for the inauguration in Toledo Spain. Keep posted for a full length article in the next Inscapes Magazine.


To see photos, list of artists and events:

“The Company of Heaven”: 60 artists interpret Angels. 
Exhibition:  30th November – 18th December, 2013, 10am-4pm every day.
Kingsland Church in Herefordshire is to host a throng of angels - embodied in sculpture, paintings, ceramics and drawings, in a new exhibition to raise funds for its restoration.
The Friends of St Michael and All Angels Church approached Charles MacCarthy, who lives in the village, to curate the show, and he has invited over 50 artists to submit pieces which will challenge and extend our understanding of what angels are, and as he says, “to give form to something which is a spiritual intuition.”
Among the artists are: Stephen Cox RA, Simon Dorrell, Wally Gilbert, Sheila O’Beney, Ken Eastman, Mary Ann Gelly, Silvia Pastore, Tamsyn Salt and Charles MacCarthy himself, who is working on a piece for the exhibition inspired by the famous Smiling Angel of Reims, a symbol of France’s recovery after the First and Second World Wars.
St Michael and All Angels Church, Kingsland, Near Leominster, HR6 9QS. Entrance is free, donations welcome. For further information email:, or visit

by Delvin Solkinson

For thirteen years the galactic trading cards have been a uniquely creative expression of the visionary and fantastic art movements. Many esteemed AOI members have had their art featured on these limited edition, collectible art cards including Brigid Marlin, Ernst Fuchs, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Andrew Gonzalez, Wolfgang Grasse, Oleg Korolev, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, De Es Schwertberger, Otto Rapp, Herman Smorenburg, Gaia Orion, Reinhard Schmid, Bruce Rimell, and Chris Dyer. You can see all the cards ever printed in high resolution web images, read articles about the project as well as order single cards, sets or subscriptions at 
This month is the release of a new card featuring art from AOI visionary maestro Oleg Korolev. A new card featuring work from AOI visionary pillar Brigid Marlin, scheduled for release in early 2014. 
Kym Chi helped Delvin create a micro gallery display at CoSM

Brigid Marlin Galactik Card : The Annunciation
Quite a few of our members were showing in this exhibit in Germany. 

“International Surrealism Now” is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro , who has dedicated himself to promoting the surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions worldwide .
“International Surrealism Now” began in Coimbra, in 2010, when Santiago Ribeiro conceived a major exhibition which was organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. The event was presented in Conímbriga, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Conimbriga Monographic Museum (second most visited museum in Portugal) and, subsequently, went to Paris, with the support of the GAPP – Portugal Presente Art Gallery and Liba WS, and once again organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and Santiago Ribeiro , and was later presented in Madrid, with the support of Yamal Din.
Santiago Ribeiro requested the partnership of artist Victor Lages (who developed the project ” Utopia of Fantastic Art “), for the purpose of organizing exhibitions  in the Lisbon Region, which has already happened at the House of Culture in Setúbal , in Lisbon’s city center , at the Gallery of Caixa de Crédito Agrícola, at the House of Culture Jaime Lobo e Silva, in Ericeira, more  recently at Fellini Gallery, in Berlin, with the exhibition entitled “21st Century Portuguese Surrealism” and will soon occur at the Roque Gameiro House , in Amadora .
At present, the “International Surrealism Now” exhibition includes artists from 29 countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Netherlands, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Vietnam.
The exhibition consists of a variety of artworks, created through different techniques and media, such as drawings, paintings, photography, digital art and sculpture.

Some of our members that are participating in the exhibition are:
Brigid Marlin
Olga Spiegel
France Garrido
Anna Plavinskaya
Daniel Hanequand
Héctor Pineda
Martina Hoffman

For more info and for the complete list of participating artists visit this page

France Garrido - The Healer
The most exciting period of freedom in art

Fall/Winter 2013 Opening Reception: Saturday December 7, 2013 from 6-8pm 1000 Van Ness Avenue, main entrance, ground floor
At times of change and cultural unrest, innovation and creativity come alive, as people adapt and react to          their surroundings.   Visionary Experience challenges the imprinting of beliefs and perspectives of conventional thought, rearranging and expanding our view about the universe in an endless display of human intelligence and imagination. A number of artists in Visionary Experience came of age during The 60s, illuminated with images of freedom protests, flower power and a nation divided by war. This defining decade in American history had a profound influence on these artists that can still be seen today.
The exhibition includes 15 artists from Europe, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco spanning 5 decades of artwork, including Olga Spiegel’s masterwork, Widening Horizon, from 1971-1972.
Featured Artists: Isaac Abrams, Emily Appenzeller, Pedro De Kastro, Scott Facon, H.R. Giger, Yarek Godfrey, Erik Heyninck, KD Matheson, Francois Miglio, Dominic Rouse, Sibylle Ruppert, De Es Schwertberger, Ryan “Duser” Stubbs, Olga Spiegel and Heidi Taillefer.
Curator, Alicia Coppola: The mission of Alicia Coppola Art is to fulfill emerging and mid-career contemporary artist’s careers through traditional channels and otherwise. See the full statement at and follow @coppolaart on twitter.

WHO ? WHAT ? WHERE ? Olga Spiegel.

Marnie Pitts would like to share with you some work that she has in an exhibition at Swoon Gallery in LA. 
Swoon gallery brings together an array of talented artists from around the globe. Its mission is to invite the viewer into the artists realm and have them take with them an experience that makes them swoon. AOI member Marnie Pitts has her latest work in the "get the lead out" show, this is the 5th year of this annual exhibition. All the pieces that Marnie has in this show are about the effect of encroaching cities on our fellow animals. Swoon Gallery can be found online here and the web preview will be available from November 22nd.

"The lament of the wolf". It is Acrylic on wood and 30 x 40 cm.

The 9-days fair expects as every year about 100.000 visitors!
For more information in German language click here

For more photos of the last 2013 AFA-Exhibition/symposium:
And here are photos from the 2012 AFA Symposium:

If you are interested in taking part click here
A list of exhibitions and symposiums that Annabella Claudia organized is here:

Chris Dyer's solo exhibition in Lima, Peru will be up until January 5th at Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma (770 Larco, Miraflores). For more info visit:


Anne Mwiti,  a Kenyan upcoming artist, takes her art to the Brazil 2014 World Cup in an International exhibition titled, "Show De Bola, The World is A Ball."
The artworks to be shown at the Brazil show are in progress. Anne has caught the attention of the international galleries like, " The Carré de Artistés Gallery" where she will be show casing her artworks early 2014,  and " Hidden Treasure Art Magazine, 2014", a publication showing two of her mixed media collages titled, " Drop it Like Its Hot" and " The Laughing Hyena".
Her other projected local shows include, "Circle Art" paper exhibition and " ISK FOTA" exhibition all in 2014.
BOOK ART BY CAN GOKNIL From Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Can Göknil is participating in Sheffield International Artist’sBook Prize, 5th Oct.-30th Nov., 2013, an exhibition of Book Art, held at Bank  Street Arts, Sheffield, UK. She will be visiting this exhibit on the 20th of Nov. Her theme is in the realm of fantastic, Name of the artwork: The Circle. (Belongs to the series: Best Before Books in Boxes.) It can also be seen at It is about life and death, structured around a bird scull that he found while boating around the Eastern Mediterranean.


Book will be in limited edition of only 200 copies.The first 100 hundred copies will be together one Dina GICLEE graphic joined  in book signed by Dina Lenkovic.
Book will have 200 pages with numerous reproductions in hard cover.
Also Mr.Gerhard Habarta well known Austrian Art critic two essays  will, be in German language, English language and Croatian language.
Author of text and suggestions is Mr.Gerhard Habarta founder of PHNATASTIC ART MUSEUM in Vienna.  


To read a lengthy interview with is recently published in an online magazine go to

Come To Mother by Dominic Rouse

Every year Fantasmus, personified by Claus Brusen and Mette Bisgaard publish Imaginaire. A book that present the very best artists in the field of magic realism from around the globe. 
A significant number of the artist are from the eastern part of Europe. This years guest of honour in Imaginaire is Russian painter, Micha Lobi. At he vernissage for the launch of Imaginaire VI  partook three Eastern European Ambassadors to Denmark, as well as several of the artists, who are portrayed in the book.
The launch of Imaginaire as well as a vernissage of artworks by several of the participating artists took place at Fantasmus Gallery in Copenhagen in October. Website: (from where books can be ordered).

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton is a comprehensive survey of Lipton’s fantastical, meticulously detailed, hand-drawn images. Featuring more than 70 works, this is the most conclusive and ambitious publication about the artist to date. A conversation between Lipton and Begovich Gallery Director Mike McGee offers insights into her personal history, motivations and creative process. Lipton’s brief notes about several specific artworks offer further anecdotes and context.


Artist Leonard Brett is publishing a book called "A surrealist alphabet" It consists of new surreal letters , anagram of letter, riddle and painting of forms starting with that letter. The book will be out in the spring. Following is his artist statement regarding the alphabet:

                               An  Alphabet of surrealism
 Throughout history painting has been used to describe historical events
 religious spiritual revelations, and social political causes.
 Painting has also been utilized to express fantasy and surrealism
 which is the area my work fits.   I have added language to elucidate what is
 in the paintings in the form of anagrams and riddles.
 In this series each artwork refers to a letter of the alphabet.
 The forms, symbols and icons in each painting all start with the same letter.
 i.e. A is Adobe, Angel, Fra Angelico, Amphibian, American folk art,
 Angry Jaguar, Aztec.
 The anagrams for each painting contain all the words or signifiers used
 in the paintings.
 Woven into the riddles are all the words used in the paintings and anagrams.
 The paintings perform as aesthetic statements and pictograms in the
 same composition.
 My motive for using language to describe the icons and symbols in the paintings
 is to create a symbiotic structure. It is an open ended paradigm with endless
 pictorial possibilities. The format allows me freedom of invention and imagination
 to develop a mythology.


In 2013, shehad 17 exhibitions. 3 Sculptures were acquired by the town Overath (close to Cologne, Germany) for a public garden. Below you will find a photo from inauguration party. The picture and an article about the inauguration was printed by several newspapers. 


"I believe my artistic gene was inherited. It is my vocation, but where I also find solace. I have won several national competitions and exhibited in UK and Europe.
Art has helped me to cope with my daughter's leukaemia when she was aged four, the aftermath of her brain surgery and then my own and my husband's cancers."

The Fool: Years ago I painted a Joker, because I saw him at the bottom of my tea cup in some tea leaves when I was thirteen. Years later I painted him
as the first card of the tarot, the soul and spark of life, balancing precariously on the earth, juggling the symbols of the journey one must make to wisdom.
Golden Dawn: This was a depiction of an angelic intelligence and of spring, after being in the sunlit blue-bell woods near Beaulieu. She creates the womb of
life, vesica pisces as she dances.
Duality: was painted using a compass and a square to create a polygon shape as a base design for the four angels that sit before God: Michael (Lion), Raphael (Man),
Gabriel (Eagle) and Auriel (Bull). The four triangular elements spin on an Archeometer, switching conventional positions, possibly indicating a code for an ancient vault,
or portal. It is the Glyph of Life masculine one way and feminine the other.
The soul's quest is to emotionally detach from the material identity and be a vessel and tool for spiritual unity.
My next commission is an Egyptian Oracle pack.
Link to site:  Oops! sorry the link to my website should read:


A little poem:
J'aime un oeil d'eau limpide et vert
avec le sable fin étendu peut-être par une main soignée,
vacillé timidement par la brise de la mer,
et en s'ondoyant sur les petites rondes des coquilles frémis.....

 Two recent paintings:
“The Rift In Time”, oil on Belgian linen hand oil primed, 61 x 46cm, 2013
“Horizon of Gold/Fields of Yaru”, oil on Belgian linen hand oil primed, 61 x 46cm, 2012


I am in the finishing stages of completing this 35”H by 30”W pastel painting; one of my larger paintings to date.  This composition has undergone several revisions in the painting process and I’m happy to being close to completing the project.  Inspiration for this work derives from a visit to Andalusia, Spain and the underlying themes pervasive to all my work, which is to portray the world as surreal dimensions of dreams, influenced by both the individual subconscious and the archetypal aspects of the collective subconscious, along with mysteries of the universe itself.
My next project will be about a surreal/visionary rendering of the creative imagination in both its irrational and in inspirational aspects.

Below see the image of my current project titled “Journey To The Center Of A Dream”.

Artists from Taranaki in New Zealand have been invited to exhibit in Gallery 59 Rivoli, Paris, from November 3rd to 16th, 2014.
An honour and an excitement, and also two problems.  The usual (boring) problem is raising the money for about 8 of us to get halfway around the world.  The more interesting problem is how to fill a large gallery with artwork from 40 artists that just 8 people can carry in their luggage!  We are coming up with some inventive solutions, to get area without volume, good art without physical weight.  Large paintings that are rolled, or in folding sections, or ..... 

Send your emails to Dale Copeland from New Zealand if you have suggestions.  Thank you.

The dates are 3rd November to 16th November 2014. 

One fund-raising venture already - Dale is selling her large collection of collages, by artists from around the world.  On   Paris here we come!

 "Self Portrait Flossing Teeth" by Paul Hutchinson.
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