Module 3 Update
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We are now halfway through the second lesson in Phase 1 of the ANU Spiritual Challenge.  How are you all feeling?  What new things have you discovered about yourselves?  Have you been sharing your experiences and questions with other students?

Some things you should remember in your progression of the class are:

Here is an entry from Sister Sequoia about her experience with this module.

Some of you who are participating are also a part of the Men's and Wombmyn's calls. The men have taken it upon themselves to exchange emails and phone numbers to talk to each other and bond.  I would suggest that the women do the same.  Don't short yourself of this experience. Many of us have complained about the loneliness you feel when walking your spiritual path. You now have the opportunity to put an end to that feeling. 

There is one more strong left to go for this module.  I will that you are keeping up.  If you have completed this one already, it would be a good idea to start gathering the materials for the next module.  If you need to schedule private time to complete it, take this extra time to do so.

Enjoy the Journey,

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