Snagglemail! Check out what's going on this month!

Upcoming Gigs

Sunday February 8th - Snaggle Live at the Handlebar with special guest Brownman Ali!
PWYC 8:00pm

Saturday February 28th - Duffy's Tavern with The Koopa Troop

Friday March 6th - The Cameron House Back Room with Cityscape
Wanna Listen?
Fissure - 4:21
Bassface - 5:34
Survival Instinct - 4:22
Other Fascination - 4:59

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February Newsletter


All the Things


     It is so good to be back in the swing of things after the christmas break
. We've had lots of stuff percolating this month as well as lots of cool stuff coming up, so here it goes, ALL OF THE THINGS!

GTA Rocks

     A couple of months ago we were contacted by the good folks at GTA rocks to potentially do a show and film a song. A couple nights ago we did just that and at some point in the near future we will be featured on their television show on Rogers Channel 10. They were a great group to work with and it's excellent that a platform like this exists to help lesser known groups connect with new audiences. Incidentally, if you're in a band that wants to do the same thing you should check these guys out.

Next Handlebar Gig is Gonna be Dope!

     We're pretty excited for our next gig at the Handlebar (Feb 8th) and that's because we are going to be joined by none other than Mr Brownman Ali! Brown is an incredibly accomplished, award winning trumpet player. When he's not touring with Jay Z and Beyonce, he's got a bunch of projects on the go, our favourite being his electric trio. We're excited for the show and you should be too because you get to come and see it!

The Singer EP - First Look!

     And last but certainly not least, we've got the first video from our upcoming singer EP ready to show you! This one features the talented Will Bowes on his tune 'For the Evening'. Stay tuned on the Snaggle page, we've got more videos coming!