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Upcoming Gigs

September 9th - 9pm Two-Four Tuesdays at the Piston

September 14th - Not Far From the Tree presents 'City Cider'

October 11th - Snaggle live at Duffy's Tavern with ART

October 26th - 7pm Snaggle live at the Supermarket's Sunday Open Mike Night
Wanna Listen?
Fissure - 4:21
Bassface - 5:34
Survival Instinct - 4:22
Other Fascination - 4:59

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September Newsletter

August in Review

     It's been a good month for us at Snaggle and a nice one to end the summer with. The end of this month saw our very first solo gig as a band. As much as we enjoy playing with other groups, it sure was nice to have a whole night to stretch out and play some groovy tunes! A big thanks to the Handlebar for having us out. The staff were great, the vibe was awesome and as one listener said "They make a damn fine Old Fashioned!"

     This month also saw the release of more footage taken from our Molly Bloom's performance in Stratford during the Tiger Tour. In case you missed it, here it is!

Synthesizer 101

     Our keys and synth player, Nick Maclean, has started a new educational blog on synthesizer performance techniques. In his own practice and research into the subject he's found the synthesizer pedagogical tradition to be pretty fragmented and piecemeal. This blog is meant to provide the information required for a thorough understanding of the various skills and knowledge a musician needs to play the vast majority of synthesizers. So far Nick has two informative articles:
     Nick will continually be updating the site and posting new information, but if there is a particular subject you would like to hear about, get in touch with him here and he'll work to get out that information more quickly.
An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Our Next Project

     Lately we've been starting work on a new Snaggle recording project and we are delighted to announce that we are going to be producing a video EP collaboration project with 3 of our favourite singers in Toronto! We're super excited to be working with such a diverse and talkented group of vocalists: Denielle Bassels, Mara Nesrallah and Will Bowes. Just to whet your appetite, here's one of the tunes we're going to be covering.