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Upcoming Gigs

August 1st - Snaggle and The United Planets Live at the Tranzac 9:30pm PWYC

August 24th - Snaggle Live at the Handlebar 8:00pm PWYC

September 9th - Live at the Piston for Two-Four Tuesdays

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Wanna Listen?
Fissure - 4:21
Bassface - 5:34
Survival Instinct - 4:22
Other Fascination - 4:59

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August Newsletter



What's Comin' Down the Pipe

     This month we've got a couple of fun shows happening. Tonight for instance we're going to be playing at the Tranzac with another great fusion band The United Planets. Head here to check out their single 'Popshuvit'

     On the 24th we have the distinct pleasure of doing our very first solo show! That's right, it's gonna be us... and then MORE US! We're pretty excited about it, we'll be playing some older stuff that you may not have heard in a while, some of the usual stuff, and some brand spanking new stuff that still has that 'new tune smell'.

     In celebration of this milestone we're giving all of our newsletter subscribers access to this previously unheard recording taken from a live performance we did at the University of Toronto. This is one of our newer tunes,
The Long Slog.


The House of Jo Artistry

     We want to extend a big thank you to Jojo Dacres with the House of Jo Artistry. We met Jojo a few months ago at a show and found out that she is an amazingly talented artist. Jojo just finished making us this awesome Snaggle banner. We couldn't be happier, I mean look at it, it's pretty damn awesome, even the cat likes it!

     To find out more about Jojo and what she does, head on down to

Quest for the Drum Kit

     Occasionally being broke-ass musicians has its disadvantages. As I'm sure you're all aware, the musician's extravagant lifestyle of booze, hard drugs and loose women/men can sometimes leave independent artists in a pinch when it comes to some less obligatory expenses such as... a car. At gigs this usually left us at the mercy of the other bands when it came to bringing a drum kit, or it left us in the unenviable position of taking an $80 cab ride.

     Well, no longer! If we could not buy a car then we would buy a drum set which we would divide among us, only to be assembled in our hour of greatest need! We set off on a quest to the far off land of Mississauga where we braved the scorching hot sun, the boredom, the ass-cramps from sitting on transit for 4 and a half hours, and the financial perils of multiple bus tolls (seriously, TTC and Mississauga transit, merge already!) But finally, we found it. A bright blue kit which promised to save us from the evils of expensive cab fare. To the brave men and women who gave their...well...many hours of that day, your sacrifices have not been in vain.