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Upcoming Gigs

January 14th - Snaggle Live at the Rivoli
Wanna Listen?
Fissure - 4:21
Bassface - 5:34
Survival Instinct - 4:22
Other Fascination - 4:59

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What Have We Been Up To?


     Hello everyone and happy December (It's not christmas yet!). Hopefully no one has been trampled to death in a Black Friday Walmart stampede because that would put a damper on what we consider to have been a reasonably pleasant month. We kicked off November with show at Rancho Relaxo where we listened to the weird and wonderful sounds of Valued Customer, and just last week had a show at our favourite Toronto venue, the Handlebar.

     We're taking a little pause with our shows for December because we have kicked our singer project into overdrive! Next Sunday we are going to be working with some amazing singers: Will Bowes, Mara Nesrallah and Denielle Bassels, and with a very good friend of ours, Tim O'Reilly and his company Soundstill. It's about time but we are finally going to be putting this project on wax! Well, metaphorically speaking, we're not planning on breaking into the vinyl market just yet. The last couple weeks have been jam packed with rehearsals and we are really excited to show everyone what we've been working on, so see you in the new year with a brand new EP!

Interstellar Drum Cover

     In case you haven't seen, our drummer Tom Grosset has been working on another drum cover. This time the soundtrack from Interstellar!