Snagglemail! Check out what's going on this month!

Upcoming Gigs

October 11th - Live at Duffy's Tavern with ART and Ten Metre band. PWYC 9:00pm

October 26th - Snaggle Live at the Supermarket Open Mike Night - 7:00pm

November 7th - TBA

November 23rd - Snaggle Live at the Handlebar. PWYC 8:00pm
Wanna Listen?
Fissure - 4:21
Bassface - 5:34
Survival Instinct - 4:22
Other Fascination - 4:59

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October Newsletter


Happy Birthday to Us!

     Well, we officially turned 2 last month! We've now learned to walk, have started eating solid foods and have accidentally learned our first curse words. At least I assume that's what happens when one turns 2, I can't say I have very many surviving memories from those days though I'm told that my fashion accessory of choice at the time was a tea cozy. At any rate, being a year older must mean that you can look forward to a wiser, more mature sound from us, and we'll try to cut down on the temper tantrums...

Snaggle's Singer Project

     As we mentioned last month we're embarking on a collaboration project with some of our favorite Toronto singers Denielle Bassels, Mara Nesrallah and Will Bowes. Arrangements are well under way and we're super excited to be working with these fine musicians! To whet your appetite, here's a sneak peek at the tune we will be doing with Mara!

High School Workshops
     For those of you who aren't aware, every year we like to bring our music to some high school music programs for some jazz improvisation workshops. These have been some of the most rewarding experiences for us and there is nothing we like better than to pass on our knowledge to the next eager generation. Normally our activities are limited to the GTA, but we will be embarking on an extended tour of Ontario in May 2015. So if you know of a high school that you think would love to have Snaggle out to show them a thing or two, drop us a line!

     That's all for this month, don't forget we've got some awesome shows coming up this month. On October the 11th we'll be at Duffy's Tavern with two other amazing bands: ART and Ten Metre Band! On the 26th we kick off the Supermarket's Free For All Sunday! Come see us jam out and then stick around for the open mike!