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Message From The President And Scientific Director

At the risk of stating the obvious, the brain is complex and brain disorders represent a large and growing concern for global health. It’s likely that we all agree on the scale and importance of this problem, but like all big problems, there are many different approaches to reach a solution. 
Hitting A Bullseye Using Biomarkers
The brain is complicated.  After a century of research we are still making new discoveries every day.   When it comes to finding treatments for brain disorders, it can be a lot like trying to hit a bullseye on a dartboard.  
Patients' Priorities:
It's A Very Good Place To Start
When research priorities are set by researchers alone — or only in conjunction with funding agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and policy makers — the most important goal of the research can be overlooked: how do we help patients where they need it most? 
Taking Control Of Epilepsy With Diet Therapy In A Pill 
EpLink’s Co-Lead, Dr. McIntyre Burnham, and Dr. John Andrews, CEO of Ketogen, are working on developing a drug that is essentially the ketogenic diet in a pill. Their approach combines known anti-epileptic drugs with components of the ketogenic diet.
Principles For Collective Research Acceleration
Remember the old phrase “sharing is caring?” It appears that this saying does not only apply to school children on the playground but also to world-renowned scientists.  Most people think sharing is easy but, when it comes to data sharing, it can be more difficult than it appears.
Updates From OBI's Research Programs
OBI’s Integrated Discovery Programs bring together over 200 core researchers and clinicians, 35 institutions, 40 companies, and 20 patient advocacy groups from across Ontario. Read about their latest news and progress in the updates that they have provided.
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