November 16, 2016

Business Models Enabled by Heterogeneity

By Adlane Fellah

The introduction set out a picture of the wireless world, in which many types of spectrum and network increasingly work together to create a seamless pool of capacity for service providers, enterprises and consumers to use. That may still be a dream as yet, but important steps are being taken towards it, and these see Wi-Fi playing a significant role in the heterogeneous network (HetNet).

The four stages of Wi-Fi network evolution and accompanying business phases

Qualcomm 60 GHz WiFi gamble is like an election – too close to call

By Peter White

If 60 GHz WiFi ever takes off, Qualcomm will find itself in one hell of a lead. And Qualcomm talked up this possibility at a webinar held last week by WiFi supremo, Mark Grodzinsky, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies. There has been little news since Qualcomm added a bunch of features at CES in January of this year. Watching the 60 GHz market emerge has been like watching paint dry, and nothing definitive has happened since 2005 really.

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