LRSEF students attend international science fair; Mike Ekbundit runs to raise money for LRSEF; March fair results

May 2016 Newsletter

LRSEF Students at ISEF

Four students from LRSEF attended the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona.

Joshua Jacob, Sydney Kessler, William Schuhmann and Shruti Wadhwa presented their projects at ISEF. Ronda Fields and Fred Whittaker attended as co-directors of LRSEF. Julie Nguyen, an LRSEF Best of Fair winner, attended as a winner at the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair.

They were joined by nearly 2,000 other young scientists from over 75 nations. Between presentations and awards, they got to see acrobats and magicians, and they went on tours of the Desert Botanical Gardens to learn about the plants in the Sonoran Desert.

Joshua Jacob won first place in Engineering Mechanics. He is a sophomore at St. Xavier High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mike Ekbundit: Consider All Possibilities

Mike Ekbundit, LRSEF board member and co-chair of GE's Asian Pacific American Forum, raised money for LRSEF by running a 100-mile trail. This is his third year of running to raise money for LRSEF.

Race day for the Indiana Trail 100 was cool and rainy. He had planned for the rain and mud, but he had not planned for the hypothermia that hit him 80 miles in. When he began to feel sick, he exhausted every effort to fix the issue based on his list of possible problems.

He had not dealt with hypothermia before, so he did not identify the problem correctly. When he completed five of the six laps, he passed out and was unable to finish the race. Even though he could not finish, he has now updated his list of possible failures, so he is prepared to take the right measures next time.

Based on this experience, Ekbundit learned there is no such thing as being too prepared. Just one detail changed the outcome. He also learned that difficulty is inevitable, so flexibility is key. As advice for LRSEF students, Ekbundit said, "The more often and further you push yourself, the more likely you are to meet failure." Do not be afraid to encounter failure because it can prove to be a route to success in the future.

LRSEF 2016 Results

On March 5, 2016, 304 students presented their projects at the Kentucky Science Center. Awards included over $10,000 in cash, trophies, certificates, and ribbons. Additionally, over 50 special awards were sponsored by local and national companies and nonprofits. Congratulations to all who participated, and thanks to all our judges and volunteers! LRSEF will be held again on March 4, 2017.
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