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Shop from your pantry
This week while making a grocery list I remembered a tip my friend Megan gave me a few years ago: shop from your pantry. 

Usually, I put together a list of 4-5 meals I want to make for the week and then go about purchasing the ingredients needed. But I've noticed that I often don't eat everything I buy. Often I let some veggies spoil or I only use a tablespoon of some random needed sauce before it sits to rot in my fridge for six months. 

Shopping from my pantry solves these issues! Instead of coming up with meals willy-nilly, I check to see what food is already in my pantry or freezer, and then try to make meals using those things. 

If I start with the ingredients I already have less food goes bad under my watch. Like, way less. 30-40% of the food in the United States is wasted, which makes me cringe a bit.  Our food takes large amounts of energy, resources, water and labor to produce. Wasting less food means doing something good for the earth. 

Shopping from my pantry also reduces my grocery bill, which is so satisfying. This week I spent $30 less than I usually spend on groceries! I really believe living just a little more consciously is a good for us as it is for the earth, and this is a prime example. 

Happy shopping!
This week in Greenishland
I've been trying to do yoga every day, even if it's just for 20 minutes. My mind and body are both happier. And I feel like now I deserve the worlds prettiest yoga mat

Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dog makes for excellent productivity music. My kids request it while doing schoolwork. Drop It Like It's Hot is just great.

We went to our little local lakeside beach and LET ME TELL YOU about this beach blanket. It's made of parachute material so sand just slides right off of it. It's very lightweight, so it packs into a small pouch that can fit in your beach bag. And it has pockets on the corners which you can stuff with sand so it will stay put. It's just so...functional!

Such concentrated wisdom in this 10 second video on confidence
Greenish F I T S 
For reference: how I approach my greenish wardrobe

These high waisted, wide leg jeans. The pockets! And they come in different lengths!

Omg am I the last one to see this IKEA bucket hat? I mean, what a delight.

Everlane came out with overalls! I'll take the canvas color, plz.

Just a great floral pattern on this fun dress

A lovely reader asked me about homemade alternatives to eco-friendly dishwashing pods/soap (because eco-friendly cleaning brands can get expensive). 

I like this recipe for inexpensive, eco-friendly, low waste (how many adjectives can I put here) dishwashing pods. I have little time/patience to make things, but this comes together quickly. I also skip the part where you make the powder into pods. Instead, I store the powder in a glass jar and use a tablespoon to measure and put into my dishwasher. I also fill the rinse compartment of my dishwasher with vinegar before each load for a good, shiny finish. 

Reply to this email anytime. I'd love to hear your questions/thoughts/ideas!
Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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