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Fix it up
I realized a few weeks ago that I've forgotten about how satisfying it is to actually fix something up. 

For example, Niles (my husband) and I were noticing how sad our iPhones were looking. They both had cracked glass screen protectors, they looked a little dingy and Niles' phone wouldn't hold a charge . We were all set to buy new phones, but Niles took a closer look at his charging port and realized it was stuffed with lint from his pants pocket. After fishing the lint out, we ordered new glass screen protectors and two new cases, all for about $15 total, wiped down our phones and OMG we had new phones! I couldn't believe fresh and new my phone felt with such little effort.

I'm sure I'll buy a new phone in the next few years, but only when I actually need to-- I don't believe in depriving myself of things I need or even want. Rather, my goal is simply to slow down my purchases, so I'm not constantly churning through my possessions. 

Instead of constantly buying new things, I'm trying to buy things and hold on to them for as long as possible, and fixing things up is a great way to do this.

Try it! The next time you think about replacing or getting rid of something, ask yourself, can I fix this up?  It might just need a quick coat of paint, a good clean or a little repair. It's so great for the earth!

If you need inspiration--even Prince Charles does it!
This week in Greenishland
Nothing could fully replace the joy of a Kodak Funsaver, but my kids and I are loving this disposable camera app. The best part about it is that you *can't* see your photos right after you take them. The photos "develop" and are delivered to you the next morning, edited with the app's disposable-camera-looking filter, which feels like opening a present. There's a social platform with it, but I just skip that. Taking photos without over-analyzing them in the moment has been a real treat. (p.s. the photos at the bottom of the newsletter are usually taken with this app!)

Currently/finally reading Just Kids and it is as great as everyone says it is. 

These clear acrylic shapes are too good. 

I love this alternative to asking "how was your day?"
Greenish F I T S 
For reference: how I approach my greenish wardrobe

I bought this linen robe a few years ago and still wear it constantly. Perfect for summer lounging. 

This Target bra is my new favorite. It has no wires, so it feels like nothingness. 

And...a wonderfully thorough swimsuit review
A lovely reader asked if I had any tips to make composting easier. Great question! I'd love to do a deeper dive on composting, but for now, here is my favorite composting trick. 

Whether you have access to commercial composting or you're doing it yourself, to make things easy, keep your compost in the freezer. You can use a metal bowl, or a compostable bag. I reserve the bottom drawer of my freezer for compost, and it keeps my compost tidy and smell-free until I'm ready to move it to my curbside bin. 

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Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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