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Ask yourself: how long will I keep this thing?

I dislike the term "life hack" because it seems really it should always be written in all caps or something. LIFE HACK. But here I am, offering you a little LIFE HACK that has kept me from purchasing unnecessary things. 

When you're about to purchase something ask yourself, how long will I keep this thing?

I used to buy things because I wanted them in the moment. I never considered if I would want that thing for the rest of my life. The rest of my life sounds dramatic, but it's true. When I regularly buy things I don't actually want, my home is suddenly filled things I need to get rid of. One could call this clutter. 

These days, when I contemplate a purchase, I try to envision how long I will keep the thing. Is it sturdy enough to last for years? Will this break easily? Is this just something trendy and I won't love it in a few months?

I know I'm good to go if I can picture myself using and enjoying this thing for years. This isn't a fool-proof system. But just asking myself the question how long will I keep this thing weeds out a lot of potential purchases. 

Doing this consistently has naturally made my home a happier place. I'm not churning through stuff like I used to because I intend to keep everything I buy for a long time. It's a great feeling. 

Next time you're wandering Target or scrolling through Amazon, give it a try! I'd love to hear what you think. 
This week in Greenishland
We've been on a Wes Anderson kick and just watched The Darjeeling Limited. Dare I say, it's now one of my favorite movies of all time.

Some great alternatives to "how are you?" and other conversational shortcuts

A great checkered pouf!

If you have seven minutes, watch Amy Sedaris' home tour. Amy has a male rabbit named Tina and carries around a magic wand? or something to point out features of her home. The whole thing is just great.
Greenish F I T S 
For reference: how I approach my greenish wardrobe

I'm a big believer that one can find quality clothing almost anywhere, and this $20 linen-blend top is my most recent prize. The cut is so flattering.

This book on royal style!! I gifted it to a friend for Christmas, but not until I read the entire thing myself.

Do I need a fanny pack? I think it would be so useful to keep my keys/phone/wallet in while I'm chasing my children around the park. I have my eyes on this one but I'm open to suggestions. 
A lovely reader asked about my recommendations for bar soaps! 

Some great hand soaps: Dr. Bronner's and The Grove
For hand-washing dishes: Dr. Bronner's in citrus
For showering: this lightly exfoliating body soap by Crunchi

Most importantly: this little device keeps bar soap from disintegrating on your sink/shower.

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