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How to make helpful donations

I just read an article about how Goodwill has to spend close to a million dollars every year to dispose of trash that people donate. My first thought was, who would donate trash? My second thought was: oh, me. I would donate trash. 

Sometimes I donate every possible thing I need to get rid of, instead of just the good things. For instance, I'll donate a pair of pants that I've had since I was pregnant (with my now eight year old) that have paint stains and holes. I always shrug and think, Goodwill can use this, right?!

But of course they can't! Goodwill (and thrift stores in general) can only sell things that are in decent condition. If I donate items that are broken or dirty or worn out, Goodwill will just have to trash them. 

I think this is really about my aversion to throwing things away. I have to remind myself that if I am stressed about throwing things away, the best way to solve that problem is by being more particular about what I buy in the first place. If I'm buying quality things, I won't have to get rid of so many things. (More thoughts on that here.)

In the meantime, before I donate something, I'm going to ask myself, is this is good enough condition for someone to buy? 

Join me! And let me know what you think. 
This week in Greenishland
Of course grass is happy. What! (via Swiss Miss)

Inexpensive + well-made alert. I got this pre-seasoned cast iron pan a few months ago and I've used it every day since. The maintenance is easier than I thought--I just rub it with cooking oil after washing and drying. 

If you need a break from serious reads American Royals is a delight. Gossip Girl but if America were a monarchy. Best enjoyed on a beach towel, fruity drink and sunglasses you can lower theatrically.

Bathroom eye candy that is refreshingly not a combination of black, white and wood.  
Greenish Wardrobe

My greenish wardrobe philosophies: buy less, buy quality, take good care of each piece, and shop secondhand when possible. I also believe quality pieces can be found almost anywhere.

Tried and true warm weather shirt. So breezy! 

Hair claws in cute colors. Also, so great that they're called "claws".

I'm a minimal makeup kind of person and this tinted lip balm with SPF is *just right* for summer. 

80s inspired shorts, yes please. 
Fellow Greenlings
Lovely reader Emily sent me a great idea--she says she uses a reusable cup for her Keurig coffee maker?! I don't have a Keurig so I didn't know there was such a thing! Passing that info along in case it's helpful to anyone out there. Thanks, Emily!

By the way, reply to this email anytime! I'd love to hear about your questions/thoughts/ideas/cute things you buy at the thrift store. 
Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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