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The simplest way to declutter
I'm writing this week's tip mostly as a reminder to myself: the simplest way to declutter is to stop buying stuff.

Most of us are (or have been) in a cycle of constantly buying things, then constantly decluttering them. I've been there, and living in that cycle is exhausting. I always felt like my home wasn't organized enough, so I kept trying to get better at organizing. And usually that would mean heading to Target for "organizing supplies" and leaving with a handful of things I didn't need...again.

Eventually, I realized that I was putting my efforts in the wrong place. I had an embarrassingly obvious light bulb moment: if I buy less stuff, I'll have less to organize and clean.  Face palm emoji.

After one last decluttering quest, I focused on buying only things that I really needed or really loved. I purchased so much less than I had before. Over time, my house was naturally more organized and peaceful. I didn't feel the need to declutter my home constantly. I had more money and time!

Keeping a home peaceful and clutter-free is more about what we bring into our home in the first place than our organizing skills. 

To add the cherry on top, this is one of the best ways to live greener. It may seem like no harm is done when we buy lots of things then donate them when we eventually declutter, but it turns out that 2/3 of what we donate often ends up in landfills.  Slowing down our personal consumption habit is a great way to avoid this, and it often all it takes is this tiny mindset shift.

The simplest way to declutter is to stop buying stuff. Repeat this to yourself when you're online shopping or cruising through Target and see what happens.

And side note: I am certainly not perfect at this, and you don't have to be either. Even a little improvement is a victory! 

This week in Greenishland:
I found the best large wire basket. I feel like it's difficult sometimes to find housewares that are minimal/simple and actually affordable. But this basket is huge and sturdy and only $10. I removed the fabric lining so it would look even more streamlined. I'm using it as a hamper, but I could think of 12 other ways to use it around the house. 

Tried and true flourless peanut butter cookies

A reader asked me for a greener substitute to Windex. Excellent question! I either wipe my mirrors/windows with a dry microfiber cloth, or use this concentrate.  (I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions! Reply to this email any time.)

I can't stop thinking about this very short read: Relax for the Same Result 

Greenish F I T S

For reference: this graph sums up how I approach making my wardrobe Greenish

OMG long torso swimsuits are a revelation! This one fits my 5'11" frame better than any suit I've owned.

I buy a pack of these white tees for my kids when the weather turns warm. When they get stained, I demote them to pajama shirts. Surprisingly sturdy + inexpensive means I don't worry when my kids are rolling about in dirt.

Oh boy, in last week's newsletter I accidentally said that my favorite jeans were $68 when they are actually $78. Sorry, friends!

If you need athletic ware inspiration, I love Natalie Sanders' feed. It's a rainbow of delicious workout outfit ideas with some wise words on body positivity swirled in.



Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!


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