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Happy Thursday, you bright and beautiful human. 

Here are three little ways to shop greener on Amazon: 

Choose no-rush shipping. Free 2-day shipping can be so useful, especially when you need something urgently. But it usually means your products arrive in separate packages when they may not need to, and it can put more delivery trucks on the road, which means more emissions. Consider using no-rush shipping when you can.

Check to make sure what you’re buying is quality. We’ve all bought something on Amazon that turns out to be much lower quality than it seemed online! And, unfortunately, product reviews can’t always be trusted. For this reason, I like checking sites like, which will scan the reviews for the product you are considering, and tell you if they are most likely bogus. 

Shop on Amazon a little less, and put your dollars in your local economy instead. Amazon and other big box retailers can be incredibly useful, but life would be so sad and boring if we were only able to shop at Amazon. Consider trying to shift your ratio of big box to local stores to lean a little more heavily on the small shops and businesses that make your community unique. For example, could you challenge yourself to purchase holiday gifts exclusively at local shops this year? Or maybe it would be feasible for you to buy your books only at a local bookstore? Consider what works for you! Even a tiny shift in this habit makes a big impact.


Wildflower seed cannons!! How fun and eco-friendly! (via Alex)

This week my kids and I watched a wildly underrated kid's movie: Meet the Robinsons. I also love the picture book it was inspired by, A Day with Wilbur Robinson. The illustrations! My gosh!

Meet the Robinsons reminded me of this neat healing practice: Future Self Journaling. I found this on a great list of healing resources outside of talk therapy.

While we're talking about underrated things, my friend Sophie sent me this video of "the most underrated band ever" and I was blown away.

Two inexpensive but wonderful things: this lovely Spring dress and this face serum that I can't wait to apply every morning. 

Also inexpensive...binder clips. They have so many uses, but the 2" kind makes the perfect chip clip, and they last for forever. I've added them to my constantly updated list of favorite greenish things.

And, if you're having a rough week...

Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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