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Create the habit, then buy the thing
Here's a little idea that has kept me from buying things I don't really need: create the habit, then buy the thing. 

When I'm setting a little goal for myself, I'm always tempted to buy something that will help me accomplish that goal. I convince myself that a treadmill will make my workouts more convenient. Or I want to grab a pretty new journal to motivate myself to practice more French. But of course that treadmill or journal probably won't get used.

I've been trying to do things in reverse lately. I promise myself if I can exercise regularly, I'll consider buying a treadmill. Or if I practice French every day for a month, I can think about grabbing a pretty journal. Until then, I just go for walks in my neighborhood and do free online yoga. I keep French notes in a notebook I already have. Maybe it's not as glamorous, but it works!

Reliably, once I've started actually doing the habit, I realize I don't need that treadmill or notebook at all. In fact, buying something new has rarely had any effect on me creating a new habit ever! I was embarrassed to realize this at first, but also a little relieved. Now I can spend my treadmill/journal money on something I actually want--like Thai food or a massage. 

Have you tried this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just hit reply!
This week in Greenishland

Mundane Halloween is a real hoot.

Along those lines, have you seen the movie Frankenweenie? It's weird and fun, and one of those rare movies both I and my kids like. 

At the risk of sounding overly theatrical, this was the best thing I've read all year. It's the little things.
Greenish Wardrobe

My greenish wardrobe philosophies: buy less, buy quality, take good care of each piece, and shop secondhand when possible. I also believe quality pieces can be found almost anywhere. More here. 

My friend Kelsey found more colors of the Target tent dress. Thanks Kels!

Simple, affordable leather bags, from sustainable brand Quince.

And a bag splurge: Dr. Martens makes purses! Look at this fun one.

Long quilted jacket <3 That wheat color! 

From the men's section: Uniqlo makes great simple/sturdy flannel shirts and I'm delighted by this new pattern.
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