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Save your clothes with mesh bags!

One of my eco-friendly goals is to make things last as long as possible, and this is especially true of clothing. A tiny shift in my washing routine has given some of my favorite pieces a longer life, and it couldn't be easier to implement!

Years ago I was complaining to a friend about how quickly my workout clothes seemed to wear out--they often got little pills or holes in them. She told me she always puts her leggings, etc in a mesh bag, and then washes them on delicate. I tried it for myself and she was right! It makes a big difference.

Nowadays I have a little stack of mesh bags in my laundry room, and I use them for workout clothing, bras, pajamas and swimsuits. It's so satisfying to keep my clothes looking nice for longer.

You can find mesh bags almost anywhere, and they don't have to be anything fancy. These are some of my favorite.

Let me know what you think! And if you have any other great clothes-saving tips, as always, I'm all ears. Just reply to this email.
This week in Greenishland
If you need a fun movie: Safety Not Guaranteed (on Netflix) was a delight. I thought I knew how it was going to end, but it had a couple of twists!

Gosh, this little coffee pot! And some coordinating tins to store your coffee grounds/loose leaf teas! Boy do I love these.

One of my goals is to be a better listener and I keep thinking about this little quote:
"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." -Rumi 

Every object you see in this photo is a galaxy. (!!!)


Greenish Wardrobe 
My greenish wardrobe philosophies: buy less, buy quality, take good care of each piece, and shop secondhand when possible. I also believe quality pieces can be found almost anywhere!

I have my eye on these relatively inexpensive polarized sunglasses.

Just a great men's tee--the fit is excellent.

More dresses to love, bright colors edition: this lime number, this Willy Wonka special, this rainbow plaid or, this t-shirt dress in a variety of candy colors
A lovely reader asked about my favorite eco-friendly laundry detergent.

My sister introduced me to Dropps, and I've been using them for months. The laundry detergent comes in a little pod which makes them a breeze to use, and they come in a cardboard box, so they create almost no waste. Of all the eco-friendly detergents I've used, I think these clean the best too. I buy them in bulk because they're a little cheaper. (note: they did not sponsor this post 😘)

p.s. I'm working on making my list of favorite products easier to navigate--can't wait to share soon.

Reply to this email anytime. I'd love to hear your questions/thoughts/ideas.
Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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