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Start a gratitude practice for your stuff
Happy Earth Day, earthlings! I've got a really simple idea for you in honor of our planet: start a gratitude practice for your stuff. It may sound obvious, but it can have a giant impact. Stick with me. 

My default mode is what more can I buy to make my life easier/happier/more fun?  

I think it is for most of us. We see so many advertisements and Instagram posts that tell us we need more things, and we let those messages seep into our subconscious. Having those messages constantly hum in our brains is exhausting. 

To snap myself out of this, I've started trying to be consciously grateful for my things. 

It's easy to be grateful for the big things in life: my husband, kids, home, food, etc. But recently I began thinking about my material possessions. I try to express gratitude for the book I am enjoying, the cactus on my desk, a pretty dress or even a really sturdy stapler. Ha!

For me, this entails saying a tiny thank you to my possessions when I use or enjoy them. For example, I go into my closet and choose clothes to wear for the day. While I'm getting dressed I think to myself, I really like this dress. Look at all of these great clothes I have.  Or, I pull a bag of tea out of a pretty canister that sits on my countertop and I think, This little canister is so great!   I use my very sturdy stapler and I think about how stoked I was to find it at my favorite thrift store. This only takes a second or two, but it changes my whole day.

It might sound  silly, but taking a moment to be grateful for my stuff can switch me out of a what else do I need to buy mindset into a my life is great mindset. It is the most effective way for me to get out of that exhausting cycle of constantly wanting/buying. 

It is also one of my very favorite ways to live eco-friendly. We buy so much more than we need, and as we've discussed, most of it ends up in a landfill. If we buy less and we appreciate the things we have, we do something great for our mental health and for the earth. 

I dare you to try it! Take a few seconds each day to think about the stuff you love in your home. Write yourself a little note to stick on your mirror if you need help remembering. Eventually it will become a habit, and one that yields lots of contentment and joy. 

p.s. If you'd like to learn how to easily and painlessly overhaul your life to be a little greener this Earth Day, I wrote a comprehensive guide. Find it here.  
This week in Greenishland
If you need ideas on what to read next, some book lists by interesting people 

Gosh I love pouches. I've used these small canvas ones for a million things, and I just got a set of these which are bigger and would be perfect for travel. I've added both to my ongoing list of favorite things.

I don't drink alcohol so I was thrilled to stumble upon this Twitter thread of non-alcoholic drinks 

If you want to get your kids on board with living greener, try sharing this podcast episode. It's really engaging and my kids loved it.  
Greenish F I T S 
For reference: how I approach my greenish wardrobe

Platform sandals! They're too much fun. I'd wear this version from Crocs (of all places) or these rainbowy Tevas

Look at this special 
lavender dress! From a very cool, woman-owned shop.

My three year old daughter has very strong opinions about style and she dresses herself. This outfit of hers made me want to get some camel colored socks and start accessorizing with ring pops. 

Thanks for all of your great questions! Keep 'em coming. 

A handful of people have asked me about eco-friendly shampoo bars that actually work. I know some people like them, but I have yet to find one that works really well for my hair (which is very thick and sometimes oily). If you have any shampoo bar recs you'd like to share, please send them my way! 

I've got a few other ideas that can make your hair wash routine more eco-friendly, which I will compile for next week's newsletter. 

Reply to this email anytime. I'd love to hear your questions/thoughts/ideas.
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