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Let me tell you how I feel about glass jars. 
A friend of mine told me she uses plain old Ball jars for food storage, and a lightbulb went off for me.

We try not to buy plastic anymore, but we have three children, so we constantly have a steady stream of food and leftovers in our house. Buying enough glass food storage containers to accommodate alllllll of that felt overwhelming. 

But glass jars are so inexpensive and durable! I upgraded my jars with some air tight lids, and now I use them for everything: 


-Dry goods in my pantry

-Frozen fruit in my freezer for smoothies

-Berries (which stay fresh a few days longer with the airtight lids)

-Soup! Salads! Everything!

One tip: look for the wide-mouth version, which makes it much easier to get food in and out. 
This week in Greenishland
My son walked out onto our porch this week and spotted a turtle in our yard! It felt like a good omen. We named her Tanya and kept her in our backyard for a few hours before returning her to the nearest pond. It was so pleasant to have her around for a bit. I watched her trudge around while I did dishes at the kitchen sink, and later she dove into a pile of leaves for a nap. My friend Jessi reminded me about animal symbolism and we wondered what lovely things Tanya's visit could mean. At the very least, it made for a fun day. Here's a fun chart with other animal symbols in case you have a creature encounter this summer!

Currently reading: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. So fascinating!

I treated myself to this tiny, made-to-order wooden bowl, which I think I'll use as a salt cellar. (If ever you have a great small business recommendation, please send my way!)

Really useful app: Think Dirty. You can look up home cleaning/beauty products to see how clean their ingredients are. 

Also, I'm not languishing, I'm dormant.
Greenish F I T S 
For reference: how I approach my greenish wardrobe

A bracelet made from a real! strawberry!! This whole shop is incredible. I'm going to gift myself this bud bracelet one day. (via Alex who has the *best* taste)

Swedish Hasbeens in the most wacky color. "Wacky" used here as the highest of compliments.

And then you could just wear a garden to complete the look! Eee!
A lovely reader asked: Is it really better to not recycle something if I'm not sure it can be recycled? Shouldn't I try to recycle it anyway?

Believe it or not, it is actually better to leave something out of your recycle bin if you're not sure it can be recycled. The short explanation is that an item that can't be recycled can "contaminate" a whole batch of recyclables. It can also clog up machinery, or greatly slow down the recycling process. So if you're unsure, it is probably best to just toss the item in the trash!

Skim through your local recycling guidelines if you'd like to feel more confident! This page has a great short summary as well.

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Progress over perfection!
I'm proud of you!

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