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A trick for supporting small businesses

A year or so ago, my friend Natalie told me this simple but brilliant thing. She said that she sets aside a portion of her income each month specifically for small businesses. 

I could not love this more. 

She elaborated that she only sets aside a modest amount each month, but when she sees a neat little shop or business she wants to support, she always has the funds to do so.

I gave it a try myself, and it has made supporting smaller businesses a no-brainer. Before, I would really have to be motivated to buy something from a smaller shop. But now that the money is already there, waiting for me to spend it, it is easy to pull the trigger on a small business purchase. 

As a bonus, I feel like I've collected things that are a little more interesting or meaningful than I would have if I bought everything at a big box store. 

Try it! Decide who you'd like to support (women-owned? local businesses?) and set aside a little bit of your funds for only that purpose. Let me know if it makes a difference for you!

p.s. if ever you find these tips helpful, I'd be so grateful if you forwarded this email to a friend!
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Can I ask you a question this week?!

Do you have any VERY easy meal recipes? I'm talking things that don't really need a formal recipe or measurements. For example, when we're tired sometimes we make tater tots and eggs and call it a meal. Anything like that? I'd love to hear! Reply to this email if you'd like to share. 
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I'm proud of you!

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