Powerful Learning Through Horses
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Succulent Learning in the Desert


Dude Ranch Horses Offer Rich Experiences

As I prepare to leave Tucson and the warmth of the sunshine that Arizona has left on my face, I smile as a reflect back on several days of fun and learning at the White Stallion Ranch. As a presenter and facilitator this past week at the Academy for Coaching with Horses Conference and Retreat, I was touched by the women who attended and the ease to which they built camaraderie. This herd of women came from as far away as Switzerland, with several from Canada, and across the U.S..  Most were already horse owners with many already working in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning or Therapy.  Still others were exploring this emerging field.  Whatever their background, they came hungry to deepen their learning of partnering with horses.  When attendees parted, they did so with new friendships under their belt together with valuable experiences that they could apply to their business as well as their own personal growth.

Below I've referenced some of the learning that the horses shared with us as they stepped out of their typical dude ranch roles and became life coaches.  In my latest blog you can also read about a horse named Sedona, and the lessons learned about working with highly sensitive horses and people. 

 Leadership Presence


Learning to Lead at Work, Home, and from Within

Leadership presence is an interconnected system of your beliefs, assumptions, experiences and communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), combined with your physical energy.  It has less to do with title, experience, and appearance, and more to do with what comes from within and how it's expressed outwardly.

That's just what a group of 12 women experienced in the ‘Leadership Presence’ workshop I delivered in Tucson, where the power of working together became a strong lesson for this group of experienced horsewomen. Working with a gray horse named Merlin, they learned by trial and error that the only way he could be influenced to move was when they were in alignment with their energy, shared vision, deep breathing and collected intent. It was an experience that will remain embedded in many people's minds forever.  In addition to the group learning, individual takeaways included:
  • having the courage to step into leadership,
  • the consideration of team members,
  • how assumptions can be misleading,
  • creating authentic connection, and more.
Whether working with horses or humans, these factors are among those that effect our leadership presence and the ability to influence others.

Want to learn more?  Watch for an upcoming Leadership Presence Program or contact EQnimity for private or a group session.
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...
I first met Rawhide 4 years ago in Arizona. Dubbed the gentle giant, I wrote a blog based upon how Rawhide taught a CEO a priceless leadership lesson through the importance of boundaries. He's still teaching that important lesson as seen during a session in Tucson. 
Mark Your Calendars!
Join us for a complimentary Business Demo at EQnimity May 10th in Waitsfield, VT from 9-11am. Experience first-hand how powerful learning with horses can be.  As one attendee put it, "It's the best business presentation I've ever been to!"  Click here for more information or to register.

EQnimity Receives Grant  

We're delighted to be a recipient of a Lloyd Symington Foundation grant.  Based in San Anselmo, CA, the foundation supports programs that address the physical and emotional suffering of people with cancer. Through their generous funding, EQnimity will offer workshops this Spring through Fall to those healing from cancer, along with their loved ones. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of workshop dates.

New Programs

Helping You Help Others

Looking for ways to help others move in new directions? There are two new programs that can help you set the wagon in motion. Through the new EQnimity Partner Program and EQnimity Referral Program, you can reap benefits when you either refer people or bring your own clients to our herd.  Here's how it works: 

Partner Program:  As a Coach or Consultant, if you’re looking for new ways to engage your clients consider how working with horses might support your goals. EQnimity will work with you to customize a program specific to you and your group’s needs. Whether it's personal or team development, leadership, organizational dynamics, women's programs, diversity, communication, or other topics, horses will provide a rich learning experience.  You'll be engaging with your clients in new ways, providing ample follow-on coaching and consulting opportunities.  Amy Todisco of Your Turning Point Coaching and Wellness Retreats, talks about it in this video. For more information about patnering with EQnimity click here.

Referral Program: Refer a friend and while they’re reaping the rewards, so won’t you.  Now when you refer someone for a private session or to schedule a group workshop, you’ll receive 10% back through EQnimity.  Sound easy? It is. Once a session or workshop has been completed, you’ll have a choice to receive a check for 10% of the session or workshop. You can also apply that amount towards your own visit to EQnimity.  Simply send an email to with your name, mailing address and who you referred. Once the referral has attended and payment received, we'll mail your check or apply your EQnimity credit. For more information, contact us at 802.496.2730 or

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Business Demo Scheduled

EQnimity Receives Grant

Partner and Referral Programs Announced

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