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Spring and Summer 2014

Spring - A Season of Change  

It's been a long and cold winter in much of the country. For what feels like far too long, the world around us has appeared lifeless, with many people hibernating indoors, perhaps feeling listless and empty.  And yet, spring is on our doorstep with green leaves and grass soon to re-emerge from winter's dry brown twigs and snow cover.

Spring IS the season of change and it can also be a time for transition - letting go of the old relationship, situation, event, or behavior that's no longer working and starting a new beginning.  Much like the first daffodils emerging from the ground, transitions from what is to what can be, may fill you with eager anticipation.  But all too often the question becomes how do I start or 'spring forward'?  Or perhaps what keeps me stuck?  

During 2014 - the Year of the Horse - we invite you to explore what a profound change horses can make in your life as you answer the internal call for change, The horse's gentle, non-judgmental nature may be just want you need to move beyond where you are now and to do it with confidence.  Their intuitiveness, together with your own body's wisdom, will help reveal the things that get in your way. As the leaves bud and flowers bloom, you too will find renewed energy to make a new beginning and blossom into the life you desire.  

At EQnimity, we've been using the winter months to work on our own transitions which you'll read about here including a new location, new horses, workshops, programs, and pricing structure.  We're excited about the changes and hope you will be too.


Now Offering Personal and Professional Tracks

EQnimity now offers Personal Workshop Tracks and Professional Workshop Tracks. If you're feeling stuck and have a desire to grow personally or professionally, we have something for you.  This spring and summer's workshops range in topics covering relationship and life transitions to workshops on leadership and team performance. We've also changed our price structure and now offer Early Bird fees.  See below for our current list of upcoming workshops. Be sure to add yourself to our mailing list or Like our Facebook page to receive the latest additions to our offerings.


Free Discovery Sessions

If you're unsure if Life Coaching or working with horses is for you, request a free 30-minute Discovery Session.  We'll explore with you what your needs are and whether EQnimity is a good fit for the changes you want in your life. Together, lets explore what's possible!  To set up an appointment send a note to

Plan a Retreat

Looking for a getaway for yourself, friends or for your business needs - one that can provide a unique learning and growth experience?  Our new location provides the perfect spot with accommodations across the street. Contact us to learn more.  

Happy Trails!

We're transitioning ourselves and are moving to a new location at 178 Sherman Rd in Waitsfield, VT (featured in the photo at the top of the page).  This winter brought a wonderful opportunity our way in picturesque Mad River Valley that will allow us to expand our offerings. We'll continue to offer private sessions and will now also support businesses, organizations, and retreats.  

We've thoroughly enjoyed our fall/winter location at Stephanie Brinkman's farm in Waterbury where the horses have benefited from her care and where they've thrived on Dynamite products.  Contact Stephanie at 802.399.9377 for more info on Dynamite nutrition products.  

Contact us to visit our new location in the heart of some of the best views in Vermont!!

Free Demo Day For Businesses - May 13th and May 21

Are you and your employees tired of the same old classroom training styles with unsatisfactory results? 

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 13 (Waitsfield, VT) or May 21 (Johnson, VT) from 9-11am when EQnimity will be offering a FREE demo day for businesses to witness how horses can help strengthen their organization's effectiveness.

Join us for a continental breakfast followed by hands-on horse activities that will allow you to experience first-hand the benefit that horses can bring to your organization through experiential learning. Horses have the ability to accelerate lasting change in areas such as communication, cooperation, trust, and leadership skills. Come taste a sampling of the programs we design specifically for the needs of your organization.  Limited space available

Registrations required.  For more info or to register click here.
Upcoming Workshops:  See below for some of our upcoming Spring and Summer workshop offerings.  Unless noted otherwise, all work is done from the ground and requires no prior horse experience.  Join our mailing list and/or our Facebook page to receive the latest updates as we add to this list. Interested in customizing a program or retreat specifically for your group?  Contact us to find out more.   

Re-Creating Yourself

Is it time to break out of your cocoon and spread your wings? If you've been through a divorce, are in mid-life, or struggling with a relationship and are trying to figure out what's next, there's a workshop waiting for you.  In each, we'll explore what your true desires are, what's keeping you stuck, and how to move forward. The gentle nature of the horse will help guide you towards your path.  

Re-creating Yourself in Midlife - May 24 
Re-creating Yourself after Divorce - August 2

Cost:  $109
Early Bird Special:  $89

Un-bridle the Power to Be You!

Does it feel as if life is happening to you, rather than you taking charge? Or perhaps you feel a lost connection to yourself and all you envisioned you'd be? Through this unique 2-day workshop, you'll be able to explore your dreams, your wishes, and your future...and all that you were meant to be. Guided by the horse and your own body's wisdom, you'll walk away with new energy, tools, and direction to guide you along your way.

Un-bridle the Power to be You - June 21-22

Cost:  $199
Early Bird Special $179

Our Herd is Expanding

The Center for America's First Horse will have a greater presence in Central Vermont through EQnimity!!  We're excited to have two of the rare Spanish Mustang breed joining the EQnimity herd this Spring along with courses taught by Educational Director, Stephanie Lockhart.

The Dance of Authenticity

Through the Wisdom of The Horse: Explore the natural rhythm of an authentic life and heart-centered power through the way of the horse.  In this 3-day Epoina-based program developed by Kathy Pike, and offered on the East Coast for the first time, learn how to discover your authentic self, improve your communication, manage your energy, access your inner intuition, and more.  Also ideal for those individual interested in exploring a career in Equine Facilitated Learning. 

Dance of Authenticity - May 16-18

Cost $550

Children's Life Enrichment Course

Stephanie Lockhart, Natural Horsemanship Instructor and Educational Program Director at The Center for Americas First Horse, will be visiting Waitsfield this summer to deliver a course designed for children ages 9 and older. The course will introduce natural horsemanship ideas and techniques that build self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills. An emphasis will be placed on learning to communicate with horses using body language and techniques that develop trust and respect of each other. In addition to building horsemanship skills, many life skills can be learned by working with horses.  

Children's Life Enrichment Course:
July 15-17 (9am-12pm) or
August 12-14 (9am-12pm)
Cost: $200 (horses provided)


Your mind is a garden

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.
- Peace Whisperer

Becoming a True Leader

A true leader is someone people want to follow and do their best for.  They go beyond just managing people by demonstrating a set of emotional and social intelligence skills that all great leaders have including self-awareness, empathy, balanced energy, and handling relationships. Whether you're in a leadership position already or it's part of your career plan, horses can help enhance your skills and effectiveness by changing the way you think, act and behave. You'll walk away with new levels of awareness and the skills and confidence to truly lead - personally or professionally.  

Leading with Confidence - July 19
Cost $159
Early Bird Special $139

Becoming Your Best Leader - August 7-8
Cost: $269   
Early Bird Special:  $249

Customized programs are also available for your or your business.

The Obstacles of Our Resistance:  5 Ways We Sabotage Ourselves

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A New Look!!

Have you visited the EQnimity website recently?  We've updated it's look and functionality.  Take a peek and return often to find out What's New!
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