Becoming the Leader in Your Life
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Becoming the Greatest Leader in Your Life

Leadership isn't just about leading a group of people.   Exercised at schools, home, church, in volunteer work, as well as in business, leadership is evident in how we live our we treat ourselves and others and in the examples we set.  It's reflected in our strength of character and in our authenticity.  

EQnimity's offerings this Fall focus on empowering you to become the greatest leader in your life - one that inspires you while motivating others at work or at home.  Through various equine experiential learning approaches we'll explore how to lead from within so that you may influence those around you in a way that creates better relationships, stronger communication, and a happier and more successful YOU!  No riding or prior horse experience is required.

Setting Healthy Boundaries - September 13, One Mitten Farm, Shelburne, VT - A Spring Hill Horse Rescue Fundraiser.
A key to being a leader in any capacity is to set boundaries and yet we often give them away, along with our power, without even realizing it. Consequently, we're left feeling tired, unsatisfied, frustrated, angry and not saying what it is we really want to say or do. In this one-day workshop you'll gain insight into what has kept you from setting healthy boundaries and the steps necessary to empower yourself to do so in the future.  More info...
"I'm so much more aware of when and how boundaries are being crossed.  I feel a level of empowerment that I didn't have before..."
Women's Centered Leadership - September 19-21, Waitsfield, VT.
Centered Leadership is about achieving a balance between mind, body, emotions, and the spiritual strength that helps drive personal achievement - all while inspiring others to follow. In this unique 2.5-day workshop you'll create new levels of awareness that connect thoughts and behaviors and their all important link to your body and emotions. Through a combination of somatic and experiential activities working with horses, you'll gain a new level of awareness of self and others that isn't taught in business school yet that will help accelerate your leadership career.  More info..
“My equine-facilitated session with Janis brought forth clarity about how to move quickly through a persistent mental block affecting my personal and professional development. As a result, I was energized and inspired to assert myself in new ways..."
Experiential Learning Demo - September 23, Waitsfield, VT.  For business leaders, coaches, consultants and Non-Profit organizations. In this complimentary, 2-hour hands-on demo gain insight into how horses can help accelerate individual leadership as well as group performance.  Witness how partnering with horses can improve organizational effectiveness through increased collaboration, communication, enhanced teamwork, problem solving, and more. More info..
"The demo provided me with insight to my own leadership style and better awareness around how I need to consider how my style impacts and at times can limit others that I am working with..."
Have you read these leadership books yet?
  • Power of the Herd by Linda Kohanov
  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
  • The Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra
  • One Piece of Paper by Mike Figliuolo
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