Success takes time. Rovio created 51 games before they became an overnight success with the launch of Angry Birds. 
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Edition #16

The big news this week is all about the iPhone 6, Watch and Pay. If you did not manage to catch the live event, here is a 11mins video that covers the gist of the keynote.

I was travelling in Tokyo last week and took the opportunity to climb up Mt Fuji. It was an awesome experience. I had so much fun but I’m back! :)

This week I like to shared about The big day, the day you launch your product.

Launching New Products!

  • How to Land Your First Customers When You’re Unknown: There is a saying “the first sales is often the most difficult” and I totally agreed. At the start no one even heard about you, why would people even tried your product. In this article, the author shared several ways to overcome this hurdle. Gist: Start by sharing with the world what you are planning to build.
  • Life After Launch Day: Now you have lunched your product, what do you do? Here is a simple roadmap on what you can be doing.

Tools For You

  • Google Cloud Platform: Google is giving $100,000 in Cloud Platform credit for 1 year free for startups.
  • A new open source design tool. I tested this site on an iPad and it works great. I was amazed by how fast the app was performing. Best of all, it is free.
  • Namebox: sell your unused domain names

Worth Reading

  • Founder of WooThemes, Adii Pienaar talks about the kind of products that first-time entrepeneurs can work on. He shares the success of WooThemes which is a business that builds on Wordpress platform. A good read if you are looking build your first product. Link
  • A very inspiration video by Jack Ma on how Alibaba has impacted China. Link
  • “Yes, Apple’s Watch is not perfect. But it’s closer to it than anyone else has gotten.” Would you buy one? Link
  • If you are into hardware development, this is a good read on Why Dyson’s robot vacuum took 16 years to launch. Link
  • Vinnie Lauria, managing partner at Golden Gate Ventures shares why Japan is finally opening up to the rest of the tech world. Link.
  • Why email will last forever. Link

Till next week Bryan :D


Recap: Bosslist aggregates the best reads from creative entrepreneurs on their success and mistakes. It began as way for me to learn from entrepreneurs. If you have a product that you want to showcase, or just want to say ‘hi’, just hit “reply”.

  1. When in Japan, I also had the opportunity to meet with patio11. He runs a one-man software business in Japan and share lots of his bootstrapping experience with me during his sharing. He is also very influential on Hacker News.  ↩

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