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Good morning! It's time for the Daily Newsdown!
Sep 02, 2019 04:59 am | Nancy Chapman

Before I say anything, let me take full credit for the fantastically poor use of statistics in our recent post about the comments section. 24 minutes per comment? I promise to stay away from math here… But I stand by the point I was trying to make, and one that most of you understand: moderating […]

Sep 02, 2019 04:24 am | Nancy Chapman

Companies offer all sorts of benefits and extras to attract the most favored workers, from health care and stock options to free food. But all those perks come at a price: your freedom. There’s a reason labor historians call these perks “welfare capitalism,” a term that originated to describe company towns and their subsidized housing, […]

Sep 02, 2019 03:38 am | Nancy Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. —  Here’s a roundup of contemporary Norwalk happenings:  Mural exhibition Pop art at Rene Soto Gallery Traffic Safety Committee meeting ‘Ending sexual harassment in housing’   Murals Exhibition at City Hall: Sept. 4 On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at 5:30 pm, the Norwalk Arts Commission will officially unveil an exhibition at the People’s […]

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