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Moving Forward
Moving Forward

CUSP is very excited about the projects we're working on this year.  We are stepping up our wildfire mitigation work with watershed communities thanks to a $1 million grant we were awarded last year from the Colorado Deparmtent of Natural Resources. Our upcoming forest health projects will have a dual focus on...
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Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

Are you taking advantage of the warmer weather to do some cleaning?  As you are sifting through the forgotten corners of your house and garage, keep in mind that some of the things you want to get rid of may be hazardous.
Hazardous wastes are defined as being dangerous or potentially harmful to human health of the environment.

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The Coalition for the Upper South Platte seeks to protect the water quality and ecological health of the Upper South Platte Watershed, through the cooperative efforts of watershed stakeholders, with emphasis placed on community values and economic sustainability. 

Hydrology StructuresHydrology Structures

Floods follow wildfire.  Time and again we have seen the devastating relationship between these two disasters play out.  
The drastic changes on the landscape after a catastrophic wildfire affect the ecosystem and how water moves across the land.  High intensity wildfires scorch soil and greatly reduce...
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