May 2022
Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the home stretch! This is definitely the busiest, most exciting time of the school year. Much like the anticipation of the holiday season, excitement is building up as we round the corner and gaze down the track into the summer months. However, we may feel about the school year ending soon, the show must go on, so buckle down and finish strong!

Maintaining your routine until school has truly ended will make it easier to remain focused, even when the days are increasingly longer. However, it’s alright to celebrate the countdown, so long as we also take this time to look back on what we leave behind.

Jack Mezirow, a former professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College and pioneer in the field of adult learning, said that “a defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience”. So, if we know that reflection is what takes our learning experiences and cements them as lasting impressions, it is a practice that our students must absolutely take on. They should be able to zoom out, assess their progress and determine where they’d like to go as learners and as people.

As the end of our school year is around the corner, it is crucial not to leave the hard work and efforts of the year dangling by simply heading off into summer. Taking time to provide authentic reflection time to our students, and to ourselves, we stand a better chance that they will really think about the past year and what’s to come.

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Julie & Micheline


L'Équipe-choc Pedagogical

Math Community Après-Cours FGA

Tuesday, May 17 2022, from 15:45 to 16:45

Go to the Après-cours FGA website and click the big red button. Visit the Mathematics Community »

Science Community Après-Cours FGA

Wednesday, May 25 2022

You can choose from the following dates/times, as the information of the session is the same for both. Go to the Après-cours FGA website and click the big red button. Visit the Science Community »
  • Wednesday, May 25, from 11:45 to 13:00
  • Wednesday, May 25, from 15:45 to 16:45


Gender Identity Après-cours FGA

Wednesday, May 18 2022

This workshop will allow participants to understand the differences between the concepts of Sex, Sexual Identity, and Gender Identity; familiarize themselves with the various terminology related to Gender and get tips on how to create a Gender-Inclusive classroom.
Special Guest Speaker: Eva Kudzman-Blais, certified sexologist (RSB)



List of New and Revised Material

Check for updates on the following:
  • CHE-5061
  • MTH-3051
  • TSG-4059
  • TSG-4060
Collaborative Process »



2022 Conference

June 1 & 2, 2022



7 Smart, Fast Ways to Do Formative Assessment

by Laura Thomas
Formative assessment—discovering what students know while they’re still in the process of learning it—can be tricky. Designing just the right assessment can feel high stakes—for teachers, not students—because we’re using it to figure out what comes next. Are we ready to move on? Do our students need a different path into the concepts? Or, more likely, which students are ready to move on and which need a different path?

How to Help Students Focus on What They’re Learning, Not the Grade

by Sarah Schroeder

Remote and blended instruction have forced an unprecedented review of teaching and learning practices. The result: an increased awareness of what works and what doesn’t and a renewed interest in what learning looks like and how we assess it.



The Importance of Closure

by Giovanna Salvagio

In the final stretch of our school year, we may be thinking fondly of (at) the choices and strategies that helped us. It’s an opportunity to look at what went well and what areas could be improved. It is a time for closure and in this article Giovanna reminds us to include closure to our practice.

L'Équipe-choc Services éducatifs complémentaires


by Karine Martin

Spring has finally arrived! No matter what we do, nothing can stop the leaves from growing, grass from turning green and warmth from gently settling in. In class, we also sometimes feel like it is difficult for our students to abstain from doing certain things or stop certain automated behavioral reactions. We are then talking about students who have trouble with their inhibition level.


Ministère de l’Éducation

Services and Programs of Study (2021-2022)
Administrative Guide (2015 Edition)

Teachers' Competencies

Reference Framework for Professional Competencies for Teachers.

Thank you, Karine Jacques and Tanya Marcil for this great poster, which was adapted from the Référentiel des compétences professionnelles - Profession enseignante.


A list of all the info-sanctions published since 2019 concerning the Adult General Education and Semi-Skilled careers has been compiled for you as a reference. Consult your Centre sanction representative for more details.

BIM - Math and Science

A list of all the active BIM exam versions is available for your consultation.

DBE Mathematics - BIM List

For more details on the math exams contact Clementina Santoianni

514 252-3700, poste 5078

DBE Science and Technology - BIM List

For more details on the science exams contact Barbara Choquette
514 251-3700, poste 3888 or

DBE English Language Arts & CCBE English Language of Instruction - BIM ELI/ELA

For more details on ELA exams, contact Steven Jansma or

FBD - Français Langue Seconde & FBC - Francisation - BIM FLS/LAN

For more details on French exams, contact Maria Carrera or

DBE - Social Sciences - Social Sciences

For more details on Social Science exams, visit or

SOFAD - Resources

SOFAD develops learning resources designed in accordance with the Quebec curriculum and adapted to the needs of learners. There are also teaching practices for both in-class and distance learning in Adult General Education.

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