June 2021
Dear Colleagues,

The academic year 2020-2021 is coming to an end, finally ! As difficult as it was, lots of triumphs and tribulations emerged in the education system. We surmounted an enormous amount of challenges. One can say the thoughts of these challenges in regular times would have been inconceivable and insurmountable is more common. We accomplished what we thought would be impossible.

To reflect on this year's trials and tribulations, Covid-19 took the education world by surprise, amongst others. Against all odds, we survived, and we came out stronger as educators. We stood by our students, and we took charge. At the same time, we were managing our personal lives and our fears from simple online connections to working entirely online. I am very proud to say we don't only teach resilience, but we modelled it. We were learning while teaching simultaneously. We outdid ourselves.

With the summer around the corner, the smell of BBQs in the parks and backyards, a new normal is on its way. Seeing family members, colleagues and friends face to face will be most cherished and welcomed.

Thank you for being a loyal reader.  We will be looking forward to keeping you informed about any curriculum news and updates next September !

Please rest and enjoy your summer with all your loved ones.

See you in September,

Micheline Ammar

Last but not least, a good laugh and a long good sleep
are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

-Irish proverb



Science Training

TGS-4060 and TSC-4063 

A training session on heavy equipment will be available to all science teachers. If you haven’t had your training yet, please ask your local PC to register. Otherwise, send me your contact information at

FNM (Formation Nationales Mathématiques)

Math Workshops will be back!

As we are planning for next academic year's workshops, if you have any suggestions or topics you want to see addressed, please contact me.




Examination temporarily removed MAT-3051 Version C.  For more information please consult the following communiqué.

Équipe-Choc Pedagogical

Language and Social Science Studies

I am really happy to inform you that the Équipe-choc pedagogical team is growing. We are privileged to welcome Julie Robitaille to the AGE’s community. Her knowledge and expertise will be an asset to our network.

Welcome, Julie !


Western Quebec SB

We wish Mme Helene Leboeuf a happy retirement. Thank you for all your hard work and contribution to  Adult General Education. We wish you the best on the next chapter of your life. You will be missed! Happy Retirement !


Science program

We would like to wish Mme Doris St-Amant a happy retirement. Thank you for all your hard work and contribution to adult General Education.

Bonne retraite !

Anglophone Community

AGE Community Après-cours

If you missed any of the Science Community Après-cours this year, you are in luck, all our sessions are recorded.

Social Integration (SI) Après-cours

If you missed any of the Science Community Après-cours this year, you are in luck, all our sessions are recorded.  You may be able to watch them.

Science Community


If you missed any of the Science Community Après-cours this year, you are in luck, all our sessions are recorded.  

Fill up this survey please. It is greatly appreciated !


Conference 2021, FNAESC

A Medicine Wheel of Connection: Weaving together our strengths for learning.
If you missed the presentations and activities that were planned throughout the week along the themes of storytelling, connection, wellness, and resilience, you can watch them here.


Le trouble du spectre de l’autisme à l’âge adulte

The Complementary Education Service (SEC) offered a webinar on the challenges faced by adults with autism spectrum disorder in AGE-VT. The webinar is in French with English subtitles.


RÉCIT AGE Recommends

Recap time! 2020-2021’s school year is finally coming to an end. This year has been challenging, but great things also emerged. We hope that you had some time to tinker with the suggested online tools. The intention of these tools is to support your teaching and to facilitate students' learning. For our final issue of the year, we consolidated all the online tools introduced to you this year in a table.


Teachers' Competencies

Reference Framework for Professional Competencies for Teachers.

Thank you, Karine Jacques and Tanya Marcil for this great poster! Which was adapted from the Référentiel des compétences professionnelles : Profession enseignante.


A list of all the info-sanctions published in the year 2020 concerning the Adult General Education and Semi-Skilled careers has been compiled for you as a reference. Consult your Centre sanction representative for more details.

BIM - Math and Science

A list of all the active BIM exam versions is available for your consultation.

For more details on the science exams contact :
Barbara Choquette
514 251-3700, poste 3888 or

For more details on the math exams contact :
Clementina Santoianni
514-252-3700, poste 5078

DBE Mathematics - BIM List

DBE Science and Technology - BIM List

SOFAD - Resources

SOFAD develops learning resources designed in accordance with the Quebec curriculum and adapted to the needs of learners. There are also teaching practices for both in-class and distance learning in Adult General Education.

A final thought to leave you with...

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