January 2021
Dear Colleagues,

Firstly, Happy new year to you all. I wish you a healthy, joyful, and successful 2021.
Winter brings a little more than snow to our front doors. So far, nobody really knows what the future holds for us. Yet, remember that adversity, gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. Furthermore, we will master those challenges together. I’m here to support you and assist you in any way I can.
In addition, knowing from experience, we teachers have the tendency to give more than 100% of ourselves to our students. Therefore, I would like to highlight that it is of the utmost importance that you also take good care of yourself. Allow me to illustrate what I mean. Just think of sitting in a plane with your child and suddenly the captain announces that there is a decrease in cabin pressure. He/She will then tell you that you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your child.

In conclusion, take very good care of yourselves mentally and physically. Please pace yourself. Rome was not built in one day. Even though we live in unprecedented times, we can conquer anything with positivism, patience, and an appreciation for each other.

Best wishes,

Micheline Ammar

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January 29, 2021 — 10:15-12:15

National Mathematics Workshop 1

A hands-on approach to arithmetic and algebra in different learning spaces: physical, virtual, and hybrid models.

No reservation needed, just attend to the workshop 10 minutes earlier. Learn more »

February 10, 2021 — 9:00-11:00

This webinar will address the source of some student difficulties in math and provide strategies and tools to remediate these difficulties. This webinar will be bilingual:


L’entrevue diagnostique en mathématiques pour cibler les interventions orthopédagogiques

Les interventions orthopédagogiques efficientes en mathématiques font de plus en plus partie du quotidien des tâches des enseignants-ressources et des orthopédagogues dans les centres. Afin d’être efficace dans ces interventions, une entrevue diagnostique peut permettre un portrait des profils de difficultés conceptuelles à travailler avec les adultes. Inspiré du référentiel d’intervention en mathématique (MEES, 2019) et adapté pour les élèves adultes, ce webinaire permettra de comprendre la source de la difficulté et d’outiller les intervenants par des actions universelles et spécifiques.
Atelier de 2h offert le mercredi 10 février 2021 de 9 h à 11 h

Animé par
Micheline Ammar, pedagogical consultant, Équipe-choc Pedagogical
Martin Francoeur, conseiller pédagogique, Formations nationales mathématiques
Karine Jacques, orthopédagogue, Services éducatifs complémentaires FGA-FP

Rendez-vous dans la salle Zoom »


The Anglophone Community

ACE Online Summit 2021

The RECIT AGE Team is hosting a two day summit on Assessment, Communication, and student Engagement in an online setting. Learn more »

Save the dates: February 24 and March 18, 2021


Math and Science Resources

Free math and science resources that are available to the AGE community! Use or adapt any of the available resources to your needs!  

Thank you to all contributing teachers across the province, without you this website would not be possible.


Gentle Reminder on Examination Confidentiality!

Remote Assessment

Guide for Remote Assessment

This document aims to provide procedural guidance on the administration of remote local assessments (not including BIM nor sanctioned exams). It is suggested that remote assessments be limited to the following cases:

  • Closure of an adult education center or a group within an adult education center,
  • Students that are in quarantine recommended by public health,
  • Students in isolation justified by a medical note (due to pre-existing health conditions).
To see full content (available in French only), consult the page »


Complementary Educational Services of
l’Équipe-Choc Recommends

Learning by Tricking Your Brain!

The brain operates by Newton's law of conservation of energy! The brain is lazy! It recognizes patterns and goes on automatic drive. Neuroscience research has shown that tricking your brain with unexpected patterns is crucial in learning. Planned daily success, reaching the brain through the senses, model reasoning, and reaching the brain through the heart are examples of tricks. Learn more »

RECIT AGE Recommends

Graspable Math

Graspable Math is a great free web-tool used for various learning support. The tool can be applied in a group environment, one-on-one, and individually. Learn more »



A list of all the info sanctions published in the year 2020 concerning the Adult General Education and Semi-Skilled careers has been compiled for you as a reference. Consult your centre sanction representative for more details.

BIM - Math and Science

BIM is looking for a team to develop exams for the following courses: TSG-4059-2 versions C and D, TSG-4060-2 versions C and D, TSC-4064-2 version D, PHS-5062-2 version D, BLG-5070-2 versions B and C and D, BLG-5071-2 versions B and C and D. If a centre is interested, please let your centre pedagogical consultant contact Barbara Choquette at Tel.: 514 251-3700, ext. 3888 or

SOFAD - Resources

SOFAD develops learning resources designed according to the Quebec curriculum and adapted to the needs of learners as well as teaching practices for both in-class and distance learning in Adult General Education.

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