January 2022
Dearest Colleagues,

This past year was challenging and eventful to say the least, but we managed to achieve quite a lot together. L’Équipe-choc Pedagogical could definitely not have done it without partners like you. We are confident that 2022 will be equally awesome, if not more.
Please receive our warmest wishes for a healthy and successful year. We will keep updating you with everything that is happening in our network, and welcome you to attend our workshops and Après-cours. We are always available for you; do not hesitate to call upon our services.

All our best to you and your dear ones,

Julie & Micheline



Individualized and Multi-Level Teaching Après-cours

National Mathematics Workshops

Strategies for Reading Mathematical Statements

February 3 — from 8:30 to 12:00
In this workshop, we will share the results of our research and our reflections on the challenges encountered in Mathematics concerning reading.
  • By identifying common errors and challenges on how to adapt complex tasks to the specific needs of students;
  • By consolidating grammatical and lexical elements;
  • By consolidating strategies for representing the problem;
  • By organizing the points that make up a complex task.
In other words, we will be able to demystify linguistic obstacles in Mathematics.
Welcome to all CCBE and FBD math speakers!


Annual Conference

February 7 and 8, 2022
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Call to Presenters for ACE Summit!


APC — Session Recording

Financial Education Program Presentation

The recording of the January 12, 2022 presentation is now available.

Après-cours de Francisation

Vous trouverez ici l’enregistrement de la session avec M. Charles Durocher.

New History of Quebec and Canada Program Presentation

The recording of the December 8, 2021 presentation is now available. 

Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MEQ)

Adjustments to the General Adult Education Mathematics
Program of Study

We would like to bring to your attention some recent changes made in the DED for the following Mathematics courses:
  • Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 1 (MAT/MTH-4273-2)
  • Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 2 (MAT/MTH-5173-2)
  • Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 2 (MAT/MTH-4163-2)
In addition, Secondary III DED are also available for your review.


New Info/Sanction

Number: 21-22-20
Formation Générale Adulte
Passation des tests General Educational Development (GED) pour l’année 2022 et l’année 2023.

Number: Annexe Info-Sanction 21-22-20
Liste des centres accrédités pour les GED.


Giving Feedback in your LMS

by Jean-Simon Gardner, Tobby Bédard and Marc Gariépy

Take a look at this wonderful, long-awaited tool to give feedback in your LMS.


Beating Self-Doubt

How To Beat Self-Doubt and Stop Selling Yourself Short

by Dr. Margie Warrell

The fear that fuels our doubt can drive us to be over cautious and keep us from taking the very actions that would help us and serve others. So how do we banish the doubt? We don’t. What we do is learn how to reclaim the power it has held over us.

The Art of Improvement

How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Self Doubt

It takes time to break the self-doubt cycle, but you can do so by taking action despite your feelings and telling yourself what you believe about yourself.

Video »


Do Less, Create More !

Sharing Our Digital Tips

by Julie Bourcier and Vanessa Boily

Whether or not you had the opportunity to attend this workshop at the Journée du numérique en Éducation, you can still participate and share your digital tips with Julie and Vanessa on February 18, in the afternoon. They are looking forward to seeing you then!

More details here »


Services éducatifs complémentaires FGA-FP

Se donner le mot

Saviez-vous que 31,7 % des élèves inscrits dans les écoles du Québec sont issus de l’immigration? Consultez le nouveau cahier thématique Se donner le mot: Agir pour favoriser la réussite éducative des élèves issus de l’immigration.

RÉCIT AGE, Recommends

Formative Assessment

by Giovanna Salvagio

Mindfulness helps to focus one's attention in the moment. This involves various breathing techniques, guided imagery and other sensory tools to relax the body and mind and helps to reduce stress. We hope these strategies help you unwind these holidays!

L'Équipe-choc Services éducatifs complémentaires

Guiding Learners Toward Stronger Commitment

by Karine Martin

Commitment can sometimes be difficult and push us to simply cut corners, postpone or neglect the task that needs to be done. How can we target and help students who have more difficulty with activation?


Ministère de l’Éducation

Services and Programs of Study (2021-2022)
Administrative Guide (2015 Edition)

Teachers' Competencies

Reference Framework for Professional Competencies for Teachers.

Thank you, Karine Jacques and Tanya Marcil for this great poster, which was adapted from the Référentiel des compétences professionnelles - Profession enseignante.


A list of all the info-sanctions published since 2019 concerning the Adult General Education and Semi-Skilled careers has been compiled for you as a reference. Consult your Centre sanction representative for more details.

BIM - Math and Science

A list of all the active BIM exam versions is available for your consultation.

DBE Mathematics - BIM List

For more details on the math exams contact Clementina Santoianni

514 252-3700, poste 5078

DBE Science and Technology - BIM List

For more details on the science exams contact Barbara Choquette
514 251-3700, poste 3888 or

DBE English Language Arts & CCBE English Language of Instruction - BIM ELI/ELA

For more details on ELA exams, contact Steven Jansma or

FBD - Français Langue Seconde & FBC - Francisation - BIM FLS/LAN

For more details on French exams, contact Maria Carrera or

DBE - Social Sciences - Social Sciences

For more details on Social Science exams, visit or

SOFAD - Resources

SOFAD develops learning resources designed in accordance with the Quebec curriculum and adapted to the needs of learners. There are also teaching practices for both in-class and distance learning in Adult General Education.

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