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FAQ's on CRMs
Xmas closure
Chip CRMs proving popular
Latest CRM releases
New CRMs for 2016
FAQ's on CRMs

OREAS CRMs are guaranteed to have negligible error contribution to the assay data from the CRM. This means the level of homogeneity is of such a high level that any error you are seeing is laboratory measurement error.

Our three resident geochemists, boasting a combined experience of more than 100 years, have put their collective heads together to answer some of the more vexing questions you have asked about CRMs.

Xmas closure

Please get your orders in by 11th Dec to avoid delays and disappointment!

We close on: Wednesday, 23rd December
We reopen on: Monday, 11th January

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Our latest product line OREAS SuperCRMs® enable control over a range of analytical methods for complete ICP-OES and ICP-MS element suites (up to 179 certified analytes) within a single CRM:
  • 4-acid digestion (up to 49 elements)
  • aqua regia digestion (up to 44 elements)
  • fusion: borate & peroxide (up to 44 elements)
  • borate fusion XRF (up to 22 elements)
  • infra-red combustion furnace C and S; LOI
This makes OREAS SuperCRMs® extremely versatile and useful for pathfinder and lithogeochemical programs. 63 now available.

Chip CRMs proving popular

These splitters, designed and built in-house, are best-in-class and have successfully split multiple tonne batches of bulk commodities (iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, etc.) of minus 10mm material into 2kg units. The round robin certification and homogeneity results show outstanding repeatability between the 2kg units.
ORE’s rotary splitters include a first stage splitter with 16 cells, capable of splitting a 20-plus tonne sample. The secondary unit contains 24 cells and is capable of splitting 50-100kg samples down to 1-2kg (as required).

Latest CRM releases

Three greenstone-hosted Au ore CRMs (available now)

OREAS 214 to 216 are primary gold ores sourced from Doray Mineral’s Andy Well deposit located north of Meekatharra (WA) and blended with Cambrian greenstone from Heathcote quarry (VIC), Australia. Certified Values shown below.
OREAS Au ppm
214 3.03
215 3.54
216 6.66

Prices: $5.34/ 60g unit, $8.90/ 100g unit and $44.50/ 500g jar (all prices quoted in AUD)
Four Cu-Au oxide ore CRMs (available now)
OREAS 905 to 908 are oxide copper-gold ores sourced from MMG’s Golden Grove deposit (WA).

Some key analyte values for these OREAS SuperCRMs® are shown below.
 OREAS Cu % Au ppm Ag ppm CuSol %
905 0.15 0.39 0.52 0.13
906 0.31 0.05 0.75 0.26
907 0.64 0.10 1.35 0.53
908 1.26 0.19 2.40 1.06
Prices: $3.50/ 10g unit, $9.35/ 60g unit and $155.00/ 1kg jar (all prices quoted in AUD)

New CRMs for 2016

Five IOCG ore CRMs (available in December)
OREAS 520 series are iron oxide, copper-gold ore CRMs sourced Glencore’s Ernest Henry mine (QLD). Target grades for these OREAS SuperCRMs® are shown below.
OREAS Cu % Au ppm Co ppm S %
520 0.3 0.2 200 1.0
521 0.6 0.4 400 1.8
522 0.9 0.6 550 2.6
523 1.7 1.1 720 4.0
524 2.5 1.6 740 4.9

 Certification program to include:
  1. Au by Fire Assay (25 to 40g charge weight) with ICP-OES or AAS finish;
  2. Au by aqua regia digest (15 to 40g sample) with ICP or AAS finish;
  3. Full elemental suite by aqua regia digest with ICP-OES & MS;
  4. Full elemental suite by 4-acid digest with ICP-OES & MS;
  5. Full elemental suite by peroxide fusion with ICP-OES;
  6. Ag, Cu, Co, Fe, Mo and S by 3-acid digest with ICP-OES finish;
  7. Total S by IR combustion furnace (Leco) and
  8. Specific Gravity (SG) by pycnometer.

Pb and Zn concentrate CRMs (available in February 2016)
OREAS 350 - 352 are two Zn and one Pb concentrate products sourced from Glencore’s McArthur River Pb-Zn-Ag SEDEX mine located in the Northern Territory. Anticipated grades shown below. 
OREAS Zn % Pb % Ag ppm
350 46 9 110
351 48 4 130
352 0.75 62 8
Four Merensky Reef PGE ore CRMs (available in early Q2 2016)
OREAS 680 to 683 are sourced from Anglo Platinum’s Dishaba Mine in South Africa. Target 4E PGM grades are shown below.
OREAS 4E ppm
680 0.8
681 1.4
682 3.0
683 7.0
Certification program to include:
  1. Pt-Pd-Au by Pb fire assay with ICP-OES or MS;
  2. Pt-Pd-Ru-Rh-Ir-(Os)-Au by NiS fire assay with ICP-MS;
  3. Ni, Cu and full suite by peroxide fusion ICP-OES & MS;
  4. Ni, Cu and full suite by four acid digestion ICP-OES & MS.
Five OXIDE Au ore CRMs (available early Q2 2016)
OREAS 253 to 257 are oxide gold ores (weathered greenstone) sourced from Doray Mineral’s Andy Well deposit located north of Meekatharra (WA) and blended with weathered basaltic scoria material. Target grades shown below.
OREAS Au ppm
253 1.2
254 2.4
255 4.0
256 7.4
257 13.5
 Five greenstone-hosted Au ore CRMs (available late Q2 2016) 
OREAS 211 to 218 are primary gold ores sourced from Doray Mineral’s Andy Well deposit located north of Meekatharra (WA) and blended with fresh greenstone. Target grades shown below.
OREAS Au ppm Description 
211 0.51   (replaces OREAS 201)
212 1.04   (replaces OREAS 204)
213 1.8   (replaces OREAS 16a)
217 2.6   (new ore grade CRM)
218 7.7   (new high grade CRM)
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