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Amy Sigrest
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Connecting PR to SEO in Six Degrees of Henry Rollins

In this edition of the MAPR 360°, I’m connecting the unconnected. Did you know we’ve been using “traditional” PR to boost digital marketing effectiveness for our clients for nearly a decade? The broader digital marketing industry is starting to come around. My latest blog post is a retrospective look through my takeaways over the past eight years at one of the world’s leading conferences on SEO (MozCon), exploring how the two seemingly separate worlds of PR and SEO have merged onto a collision course, and how we all benefit from that.

And yeah, you’re also going to find out what Henry Rollins has to do with content marketing along the way, so buckle up and let’s blend some worlds!

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How Does PR Impact SEO? You’re Asking the Wrong Question.

This year, I attended my eighth MozCon. On the way to the convention center, my Lyft driver asked what brought me to town, and I told him I was attending one of the world’s best conferences on search engine optimization. After a thoughtful pause he asked me, “how do you optimize search engines?”

Flashback to 2012 when I gave a presentation on PR and SEO to justify why both are better together. Here’s a quote from my presenter notes in that slide deck:

“PR and SEO don't reach their full potential for your business without each other. More than that, our school of thought is that they are essentially the same thing and should operate as such.

At the time, my inspiration for the presentation was twofold: 1) every introductory conversation I’d had at MozCon that year included the comment “oh, you’re in PR? What brings you to an SEO conference?” and 2) the perpetual chorus of clients saying, “oh, your agency also does websites? I had no idea!” As you can see, I’ve been explaining the curious relationship between PR and SEO for nearly a decade.

So, What’s the Connection?

The Accessibility Edge

Now that websites are practically a business necessity, search engines must be more discerning in how to separate the good from the bad, and accessibility is no longer optional in this regard.

MAPRagency’s Creative Director, Jennifer Stevens will take the helm of next month’s MAPR 360° and share her recent findings and recommendations for making your website easier for people and search engines to use. Bonus: Follow her lead and you may get a small business tax break!


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