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Statement on Srebrenica Memorial Day 2020


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, in which over 8,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered in the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War, simply because of their religious identity. As an organisation, the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) believes that we must ensure that we never forget about the genocide and reaffirm our commitment to standing up against all forms of hatred and prejudice that targets groups based on their religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any type of difference.


The theme “Every Action Matters” seeks to encourage every person to reflect upon their own behaviour and choices that they make, and demonstrate that however insignificant it may seem, every action matters, whether positive or negative. It aims to show that those who stand up and unite against hatred can make a difference. It sets out to dispel the notion that one person cannot make a difference and show that the action of one individual does matter and that they can achieve a great deal, however small their action may appear initially. 


It is now more important than ever for us to come together as people in the UK, no matter what our background, to celebrate diversity and to stand together in solidarity against hatred and discrimination. We hope you will join us in mourning the loss of those who died at Srebrenica and reflecting on how we as individuals, groups and communities can come together to build a better future without hatred.

It’s so important that we portray a positive message through our actions, and combat hate and spread a message of peace, whilst reflecting and learning from the mistakes of the past.

A fantastic way of getting involved in spreading awareness of Srebrenica is the Remembering Srebrenica Challenge! There are 11 actions we can all undertake in order to becoming ambassadors for Srebrenica and making a positive change, such as:

• Talking to someone new about Srebrenica
• Wearing the Srebrenica flower
• Holding one minute’s silence 
• Watching this year’s video
• Posting about Srebrenica on social media
• Reading a survivor’s letter or testimony
• Planting a flower or tree
• Making a pledge
• Lighting a candle, saying a prayer, or reading a poem
• Donating or fundraising for Remembering Srebrenica 
• Taking part in a peace walk or self-reflection walk

Many of these are so simple yet can have such a powerful impact in spreading awareness - we can challenge friends and family and do it altogether inshaAllah! Every action matters, and may Allah put barakah in our efforts.

Mariyah Aseri, ISB Campus Remembering Srebrenica Team
Young Muslims iCircle on Zoom

The YM iCircle every Friday 7-8pm for 11-16 yr olds. The iCircle is now open to the whole of the UK.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 847 1007 9250
Password: 066716
Follow this link to join the YM WhatsApp group:
ISB Campus

Message from Sr Sara Saigol, Campus Coordinator:

Assalamu alaikum everybody.
As you can see ISB Campus has been busy providing Saturday Masterclasses as well as Wednesday e-Circles. Some of this information has been a real gem in terms of specialist knowledge. I wonder if any of you would be keen to use these Masterclasses and e-Circles for your branch Family Circles? Perhaps while we are still not meeting face-to-face, these could be played as recorded messages at your Family Circles? Please feel free to use these resources. 

Some links are below.

Thank you so much, may Allah reward you for your efforts.
Ws, Sara Saigol

Ismael Lea South: Black British Muslim History

Dr Shuruq Naguib: Female Companions of the Prophet (SAW)

Dr Shoaib Malik: Islam & Evolution

Ahtsham Ali: Gender Segregation

Aman Durrani: Your Mental Health

Pearls of Wisdom from Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool

Batool al Toma: Why People Embrace Islam & Why Others Leave

You can find all previous masterclasses here:

Also, please do listen to and use the e-Circle reminders - they are another fantastic resource led by Dr Rizwan Syed and Mubashir Khan. You can share them with your ISocs and use them in your meetings. 

Here is a selection of what is available:

The Science of Hadith - Mubashir Khan

Countering the Doubts of Early Islam - Dr Rizwan Syed

Imam Malik: Capturing the Sunna of the Prophet [S] - Dr Rizwan Syed

Imam Abu Hanifa: The Sunna as Principles - Dr Rizwan Syed

Imam Shafi'i: The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence - Dr Rizwan Syed

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the Sunna - Dr Rizwan Syed

Imam Bukhari & the Tradition of Tajdid - Mubashir Khan

Making Sense of the Sunna: Literalism vs Reason - Dr Rizwan Syed

Choosing Scholars Carefully - Dr Rizwan Syed

The Science of Hadith - Mubashir Khan

Jazakallah khair
Sara Saigol
ISB Manchester Branch

ISB Manchester has put together our Golden Threads programme. Thus far it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding programme both for our young volunteers and the residents of the care home we visit.
The main concept is teaching young people social responsibility and getting them involved in looking after and entertaining elderly residents in care homes.
The programme includes various aspects of interacting with the elderly. This can be on a one to one basis just reminiscing about old times and memories or as part of a group reading out quiz questions and jokes to a group of residents.
The feedback we have received has been excellent so far from both our young volunteers and also the care home staff and residents we interact with.
The first visits were done in the care home setting however we have had to adapt the programme due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now for the interim running our sessions online via skype. This has certain challenges but so far our first online session was a success and are due to have our second online session soon.
Going forwards we are looking to grow the programme. Alhamdulillah we have had a lot of interest from young volunteers wanting to participate and we are looking at increasing the number of care homes we attend. We do wish to restart visiting the care home again whenever the situation allows and the lockdown is over however during this time it is even more important to keep our online sessions as the residents are likely more isolated than ever due to visiting restrictions.
We have a certificate of achievement once a volunteer has attended more than 6 sessions which can go towards their record of achievement and on their CV.
I hope this gives a summary of our programme so far and InshaAllah may it grow and become even more successful in the future.
To join the WhatsApp group for the E-circle please click on this link
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