Mundus maris newsletter: September 2020
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Dear <<First Name>>

The global number of people succumbing to the coronavirus exceeds a million and many more are affected by the pandemic socially, economically and, of course, health-wise.

Small-scale fishers and other artisans operating along value chains relying on natural resources have been particularly impacted by the ensuing restrictions while perhaps understanding better than many how important it is to keep the ocean, nature and its ecosystems in good shape and health. Their livelihoods are intertwined more closely than many others with functioning and productive natural systems. They need our care and protection to keep delivering the goods and services so important to all. In tropical regions these systems are already feeling the heat of climate change which makes fish move polewards to remain within suitable temperature ranges and sees Mediterranean fish species arrive in the North Sea.

The small-scale fishers, men and women, are trying to adapt but can not by themselves change that. Turning back the tsunami of climate change and biodiversity loss requires efforts of everybody, but particularly those responsible for the biggest drivers of biodiversity loss and the fossil guzzlers together with a massive effort in favour of renewables. It's a matter of blue justice..

Likewise, small-scale fishers suffer overproportionately from IUU fishing and harmful subsidies, 85 percent of which go to industrials and “pull the rug under their feet” or the fish from under their boats. They need a level playing field to continue providing nutritious and valuable seafood to continue meeting the demand of hundreds of millions of people..

So, limited in our field activities as a result of corona, we are using electronic media to keep sharing information and opportunities. In this vein, we have completed the Wolof sound track of a short video on the Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines. This way we hope to reach those in Senegal and neighbouring countries where the language is spoken and many depend on the trade and need to know, but often do not speak the official UN languages..

One word again on developing the Book of the Marine World – check out the invitation in five languages – now open to everyone without age restrictions


Hurry up with your contribution so that it's ready for sharing at World Fisheries Day, 21 November. Join all the others to make this a truly remarkable celebration of living sustainably with the ocean.

And we have more to celebrate. For our 10th anniversary we start sharing now until the end of the year video messages and statements of what inspired members and others to support Mundus maris. Get inspired too! Become a supporting member or regular donor of Mundus maris to make even bigger waves to protect and connect to the ocean.

Mundus maris asbl, Belfius Bank, Rue de Linthout 224, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE54 0688 9178 6297 BIC: GKCCBEBB

Contact us any time at We'll shortly send you a questionnaire so that you can have your say in what we tackle together in the future and how best to go about it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Cornelia E. Nauen and the entire Mundus maris team

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Activities around the world

Animation of SSF Guidelines in Wolof

We are very happy to announce that we have been able to create a Wolof sound track for an existing French animation about the essential elements of the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines produced earlier through a collaboration of IFAD, ICSF, World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers, World Forum of Fisher People and Peoples' Food Sovreignty. We noted in our field work that few of the most concerned women and men knew about them. So Mundus maris asbl made good on a promise at the launch of the Small-Scale Fisheries Academy in Dakar to provide for a version in Wolof to facilitate access.

Watch the video

Tenth anniversary celebrations of Mundus maris

We are receiving a number of lovely statements from members and people following and supporting our work about what inspires them about Mundus maris. Here is one by former intern Maxime Lambert to get a flavour:

"Working with Mundus maris allowed me to witness how this remarkable organisation blends the spheres of science, society, and art into a rich knowledge network that values and protects the oceans, its ecosystems, and the societies that depend on the sea. What an honor it is to have been a part of their mission!"

And here is a video message by Carolina Castellanos Arévalo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Watch the message

Cross talk over the big pond from Nigeria to Argentina

Mundus maris Vice-President Prof. Stella Williams felt honoured to have been requested by the Vice President for Latin America - Professor Marcelo Morales Yokobori to interact with his students in Argentina. They asked pointed questions about fisheries and aquaculture in Nigeria specifically, but also wanted an update on West Africa. This is the first in a series of online and outreach activities planned by Marcelo for his students in different places. This 30-minutes video demonstes the interest of students in Argentina in learning about regional trends and of programmes put in place by Mundus maris asbl.

Watch the webinar
A sculpture showing a burning kangoroo with the world map on it, saying "Australia is everywhere".

A sculpture showing a burning kangoroo with the world map on it, saying "Australia is everywhere".


Marching together to protect the climate, Germany

25 September 2020. No more than 1.5°C increase max! - in some 480 towns and cities in Germany alone Fridays for Future had called to strikes and demonstrations to ask for immediate climate protection measures keeping in mind the necessary distancing between protesters and mandatory face masks - corona obliging. Mundus maris was at the manifestation in Düsseldorf in front of the Parliament building to underscore that climate protection and ocean protection go hand in hand. An estimated 200,000 citizens of all ages participated.

Find out more
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