Get ready for UAEM's Access to Medicines week!

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We're launching a campaign!

Get ready with us for an Access to Medicines Week supporting negotiations at the WHO for an R&D agreement !

On Nov 2nd-8th, UAEM is organizing the Access to Medicines Week - focused on the need for negotiations at the WHO on a global R&D agreement.Our goal during this week and beyond it, is to create discussions in universities about this and to gather signatures of many members of academia in support of negotiations.The idea is to mobilize students and researchers to take a stand and support a global R&D agreement.  This support will be leveraged to pressure politicians and delegates to push for the R&D agreement in the WHO at a later stage of the campaign.
A lot of materials and suggestions for activities have been prepared to launch this campaign, so join us with your chapter, classmates and professors!
You will find in this issue many ideas to get ready!

campaign slogans

by Adi Dagan, UAEM Europe's Campus and Campaign Organizer
A campaign slogan should include several elements:

1. What is the change that we want to see in the world or what is the solution we propose for a problem.
Here is an example from a context that I know well - In the slogan: "Israel, Palestine - two states for two people" the change or vision or solution is stated very clearly.

2. How will this change happen or what is the concrete action that is called for. It can be frustrating for people to learn about a problem and a solution without having a clue on what should be done to improve the situation. This is why it is crucial to state that in the slogan. Also it is important for people to understand who has the power to make that solution happen. For example - the slogan: "Stop TTIP" -the call for action is clear - TTIP should be stopped -  not improved, not brought to a referendum - it should not be allowed to happen.
3. Every person should be able to understand the slogan - the purpose of a slogan is to inform people about the campaign in one sentence. There for it should not be mysterious and if using terms that the target audience is not familiar with - you need to explain them.
Lets look at the main slogan that was chosen for UAEM`s global campaign for a R&D agreement (note that we are not using the term treaty but the word agreement which is more general and thus more correct in this case):
"Make medicines for people not for profit - negotiate a global R&D agreement now!"
Since most people have no idea what a global R&D agreement is (which is the change that we want to see in the world and the concrete action that we are calling for to make it happen now is negotiations) - we needed to add the first part - make medicines for people not for profit -  so people can understand the cause, the issue in simple words. This resulted in a long slogan, however using one part of it without the other would make it  incomprehensible and thus less effective. When an issue becomes widely known like TTIP, then it is no longer needed to explain what it is about in the slogans.
You will find below many ideas, but don't forget that they are all summed up in the amazing ...
Chapter Package here!

Focus on Researchers and Academia

Organize a panel discussion!
What do researchers think of the current R&D system? And about alternative models? And a new R&D agreement?
Is it possible? Another idea would be to play a panel discussion: create your own "conference on the R&D agreement". 
You can invite newspapers (local and national, or specialized media) to get more attention! 

For Students:

Host a film screening
Some ideas...

- Biomedical R&D: Houston we have a problem by Salud por Derecho (2015). + info.
- Little Pharma
- Everything is a Remix (especially Episode 4) 
- India, the pharmacy of the world by Farmamundi.

- Fire in the Blood: UAEM Europe has 10 licenses to screen this all-time favorite (see instructions). Please contact Mariann if you wish to screen it. 

Hold a workshop for researchers
Give them the key issues about the R&D system and how the R&D agreement could change it (for good!). Many of them are probably unaware of the basics of this agreement and why they should push for it! Kathi Hawlik has some experience; she held a workshop in Amsterdam, you can use her recent presentation as a template or inspiration! 

For Students

A pop-up pharmacy

Create a fake pharmacy stand where the products are “out of reach” (could be in a shelf that is very high) or simply empty (with labels like “Malaria medicine” and “pediatric HIV medicine”). 
Give out the “ultimate cure” little fake pill boxes with candies that say “A global R&D agreement” with the flyer about the campaign inside them.
Or create a large box that says “A global R&D agreement” on it and ask passers by to give it to you so they can reach (metaphorically and physically) the out of reach medicine.
Ask them to sign our letter!
Find researchers and academics who might be in favor of our goals (NTDs researchers, international/public health professors) and also "opinion leaders" of your campus/city. 

The sign-on letter webpage is still under construction
R&D Agreement Campaign Letter

For Students

Chasing the pill game

For those of you who prefer to do fun stuff while advocating... The goal of this game is to catch "the Pill", but, careful! If you want to get your pill, you'll have to have enough money to pay for it (you will get a €1XXX note at the beginning) and the price will increase x10 every 30 seconds. If the pill gets too expensive and you cannot afford it, you will be eliminated. How many people will be left out without access to this life-saving treatment? 
Anyone can play this game. Find a cool place (park, square...). You can organize a snack afterwards in the park to talk with the participants about these issues. 
READ ME: How to use all these cool ideas
OK. Now you're equipped with many tools for this upcoming Access to Medicines Week. But don't forget that it doesn't end there! The campaign is ON until Member States at the WHO R&D agreement meeting push for more negotiations that ultimately set a new R&D system. 

  • Record, film, take pictures of your sessions, stunts, actions, protests, parties, celebrations. 
  • Share with other chapters how you're doing 
  • Embrace the vibe but don't forget to keep some energy for the rest of the campaign

Breaking news!

- Breaking the current R&D system - 

News from UAEM Sweden

Örebro, Sweden. Sascha, Nina and Jesper from UAEM Denmark went to the fall meeting of IFMSA Sweden. We wanted to establish contact with Swedish students and for the long term objective of establishing one or more Swedish UAEM chapters. Saturday, we did two presentations. One in front of the whole assembly (about 150 people) and one for the SCOPH/SCORP session (about 40 people). Both presentations were well received and many students showed interest in UAEM. Most importantly, the SCOPH director-elect wanted to bring UAEM to Sweden. Sunday, we facilitated the interactive lobbyism workshop which we slightly rewrote to focus on the R&D Treaty. Though both participants and facilitators were tired after last night's party, it gave them a chance to practice some of the terms and concepts, we’d introduced to them yesterday. And considering people's conditions it was very well received not only to listen but also to be roleplaying.
All in all, we returned to Denmark with a now more realistic hope and lots of contacts to start up UAEM in Sweden. 
If you are going on exchange to Sweden or know people that are there, please share these groups with them.
UAEM Nordic 
Karolinska, Stockholm
Or contact Nina Le Dous
- Jesper Nørgaard Kjær
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